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Time to step back from social media, maybe permanently, social media has been good to me and bad also, just ask this website, my neglect has been shocking, poor thing!

From today I will be posting my images up here after each new trip/location, as always I love to hear from you in comments below 😉

Lovely to be back photographing again, this time York Shambles and a couple of York Minster which as usual was undergoing repairs and was heavily covered in scaffolding, but needs must for this historic 7th century landmark and the largest of its kind in Europe.

The Shambles is an old street in York, England, with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some dating back as far as the fourteenth century.

I arrived in the shambles at 3:40am yesterday morning (Saturday) just as the last of the party set were getting food and thinking of going home after the odd Beer, Cider, Wine, Cocktail, Prosecco or 2 in the many and varied pubs and wine bars around York. The Shambles was empty, happy, the only sounds were birds and the loud voices of the party set in other streets, all was good…

I had old school grungy HDR in mind for the images of York Shambles but not The Minster.

York Shambles

Aptly named The Shambles, this beautiful medieval cobbled street in York was once lined with butcher’s shops and stalls, or benches, for displaying meat known as “Shamels” in Anglo-Saxon.

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Shambles Pano

This image is a 15 shot HDR, Pano, so what does all that mean? I get more of the subject in the image and my old iMac spews and almost blows up processing it! New M1 iMac coming Wednesday but I still love you old faithful…

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York Minster

I love it when I can line things up, I am a little OCD in that respect. The brass model of the city could do with a clean and shine but loving the genuine sunrise light on the stone pillar supporting it.

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The Shambles York

Did you know the Harry Potter series of movies is now connected to York Shambles with its cobbled streets and overhanging buildings, Shambles is believed to have been the inspiration behind Diagon Alley?

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Shambles Yorkshire

York Shambles lends itself to photography but things are so close together it really sometimes does not, to get more in a panorama is needed, Try that with a wide lens and in this case a HDR Pano, double the headache but all good fun :-S The mad processing scientist reared his head on this one, well, you can’t keep him caged forever.

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York Minster

Another very large grid pano that made my old 2015 iMac scream and stall, roll on Wednesday for my M1 but old faithful will be at the side. Maybe too much sky in this one? Also a little famous but very necessary scaffolding. Lovely Light on parts of the Mister though so worth a share I’m sure…

York Shambles

While some sleep and others buy food after a Friday night of partying, sunrise happened and distant skies started to respond. A little 12mm bend in this one but I don’t think it distracts, personal taste of course…

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York is a big place done in small photography visits. York is also a victim of its own success, visited at most hours by the world and quite a challenge to photograph, but I love a challenge and cannot wait to take more and different shots soon.

This is my first picture blog and I think the first of many, thank you for dropping by!

What people talk 6 Comments

30 May, 2021 Brian Small

Fascinating place Tim.
I’ve recently stepped back from social media as well; haven’t missed it. I follow you via your sites rss feed; much nicer than FB or Instagram.
Brian in Alberta

31 May, 2021 Tim

Thanks for the comment Brian, social media can have a very negative effect and be like groundhog day at times I find. I did like the old G+ though before Google pulled the plug, a shame.

Thanks very much for following via rss, much appreciated!

Kind regards

31 May, 2021 Gary Wright

great photo’s as usual, did you know (probably you did) that the Minster has it’s own team of masons banker and fixer permanently based on site also training apprentices with them. Not bad for for job security I think, but also occasionally getting in the way of a skilled photographer.

1 June, 2021 Tim

I didn’t know that but until you see the Minster up close and personal you cannot grasp how vast, beautiful and ornate the stonework is.

What you’d give to be on that team Gary, it’s got to be worth a letter offering your services!

By the way, I didn’t see any ‘skilled’ photographers 🙂

Cheers for taking the time mate, appreciate it.

1 June, 2021 Howard - Friends of Pontefract Park

Love the images, Tim. I am a bit OCD about lining things up, too. Converging Verticals!! The minster shots are great. The verticals are exactly that. In the Shambles, converging verticals accentuate the closeness of the buildings at the top.

Best regards.

1 June, 2021 Tim

Hi Howard, lovely to see you here, I hope you are well my friend?

Most of the rest of the Minster was cloaked in scaffolding so I did my best with what I had. We sound alike where verticles are concerned and I fully agree using a wide lens in the shambles does highlight the closeness of the building. A lovely place to photograph but not lovely getting up at 3 am to do it!

Thank you very much for taking the time, much appreciated.

Kind regards

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