Whitby Goth Weekend and the words ‘NEED’ and ‘WANT’

Whitby Goth Weekend and the words ‘NEED’ and ‘WANT’

Hello all, let’s start the weekend off with a few pictures I recently took at Whitby, North Yorkshire. It was Halloween weekend which means it was the famous Goth Festival and the town was full of Goths and Steampunk’s in all their spooky and splendid glory, some of them looked fantastic, others just plain scary but that was the idea, all where lovely people and all too willing to pose for us photographers of which there were many!

Whitby Goth Festival October 2018 Steampunk

Whitby Goth Festival October 2018

St Mary's Church Whitby Yorkshire

Whitby Captain Cook and Abbey

A good time was had by all at Whitby Goth Weekend, the weather was reasonable for the time of year, especially on the morning of the image above with the god rays beaming upwards from behind the Abbey.

Changing the subject, onto the words ‘NEED’ and ‘WANT’…

Anyone who knows me will know I have been saving for quite a long time to replace my superb Nikon D7100, which I am keeping and still using by the way. I now finally have the money for one of the Fujifilm X mirrorless cameras, but choosing which one came down to a piece of paper with a line in the middle and the heading ‘NEED’ or ‘WANT’ in each column. Between the new Fujifilm X-T3 and 2 years older Fujifilm X-T2, I listed what I needed and wanted from a camera, now I know ‘need’ sounds very much like ‘want’ but there is a big difference, for example, 4k video at 60fps – want but don’t need, 4k30 on the X-T2 was well enough. Without getting all techie and boring, I needed most of the things on the Fujifilm X-T2 and half of the things on the new Fujifilm X-T3 which is £400 more expensive.

Decision firmly made, after all this time I will be ordering the Fujifilm X-T2 and kit lens next week along with a longer piece of glass with the extra money I have saved. Let’s hope the pencil and paper are right but I am sure they will prove to be.

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15 December, 2018 Chris

Brilliant captures there Tim! Good idea about a needs and a wants column too. I’m hoping to choose a new camera soon to replace my battered old Canon. I’ll use the needs/wants method to help me choose as it’s really difficult to decide.

17 December, 2018 Tim

Hi Chris, I ended up buying a Fujifilm X-T2 and absolutely love it, I made the right decision for me in the end after much saving and head-scratching over the last year. Thank you for your kind words and best regards my friend. Let me know what camera you end up buying.

22 December, 2018 Heather Nrwman

Love the photos, it looks like an amazing weekend. My boyfriend was born in Whitby, maybe we can visit sometime. Hope you get on well with the new camera.
I’ll wish you and the family a very merry Christmas 🤗🎄🎁✨

30 December, 2018 Tim

Hi Heather, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas also. Thank you for your kind words, we enjoyed ours. Whitby is one of my favourite places of all time to visit and photograph and holds many happy childhood memories.
Thank you for commenting, I wish you all a very HAPPY and LUCKY 2019! 🎉🍷👌🏻

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