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Welcome to the Photo Wall – Hello all, I hope you are enjoying the weekend? After many hours work the Photo Wall is now complete and live. Thank you so much to friends that have posted there already! 😍

The Photo Wall is designed to be a photo-sharing platform primarily but has a lot more to offer as you will see from some of the screen-shots below, far better to show images rather than try and explain in words 👍

The image below shows what a post looks like when added to the wall, I hovered over ‘likes’ while I took the screengrab to demonstrate possible likes you can add to a post.

What members see when they enter the Photo Wall…

Profiles have many widgets you can add to show your work, website, skills and of course activity points. Each time you interact in any way on the Photo Wall you gain activity points which are shown in your profile and on the sidebar of the activity page. With enough points you gain status and earn badges all for fun, of course, activity points are not meant to be taken seriously 😁 😎 😍

Below is what the member’s page looks like which is also searchable to find your friends with ease.

Now let’s talk about Groups for a while – Posts to the Photo Wall can be to a group as well as a personal post, but all show as posts on the activity page.

Anyone can create and run a group as Admin and assign moderators. Creating a group is easy as you will see below.

This is how groups look on the group’s page.

Lastly, you have a notification bell just like facebook once you are a member of the Wall.

The Photowall can only work with your help and posts, please consider joining and posting as much or little as you like. You will be made very welcome.

Lastly – If you speak another language just click the ‘TRANSLATE’ button at the bottom of the website and pick your country flag to translate all into your language. If your flag is missing please tell me and I will add it at once.

Remember guests see very little, members see all 👍

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I am a landscape/seascape photographer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. I have a real passion for photographing the Yorkshire Coast and further afield as and when I have the chance.

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