Translation Added to Site

Translation Added to Site

Hi All, although no perfect yet, new translations have been added to the website but are work in progress and may cause a vertical header to break every now and then, but this is better than no translations I am sure.

To choose your language click the 3 dots to the right of the main menu above. Once clicked a slidebar will slide out and you will see a small list of country flags to choose from. If you country flag and language is no available, please give me a shout and I will add it for you with pleasure.

Photoshop Manipulation Art Added Again

For those who follow on Facebook my Photoshop Art postings, I have added all I have done so far to a page on here. I have kept them separate from my photography, the manipulations can now be found as an image link on the blog sidebar, you cannot miss the link I’m sure 🙂

Stay Safe

You must be sick of hearing this by now but do stay safe and in good health all for the sake of families, friends and others if not for yourself.

All this madness will end, fingers crossed the world will be a little bit better place to live after it, we can but hope.

Kindest regards


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