Switched from Nikon to Fujifilm

Switched from Nikon to Fujifilm

Switched from one camera system to another is something I see all the time on YouTube and quite frankly it bores the tits off of me, yet here I am doing almost exactly the same, please bear with me…

It took me over a year and some photography work to earn enough to buy a replacement to my much loved Nikon D7100, but the money was only half the story, my biggest headache and torment was what to spend my hard earned money on next?

Many YouTube videos later, which helped, it was down to what I photographed and what I really needed my camera to do, also what could I do without and not miss. The compromises were small but always there regardless of choice.

The Fujifilm XT-2 ticked all the boxes for my Landscape photography and the XT-3 was overkill, I do not need Bird or Sport fast autofocus or 4K Video at 60k for £500 more, the XT-2 has fast enough autofocus for most. The 4k 30fps and 120fps 1080p were well enough and hardly used, I take single landscape images, bracketed and focus stacked, all is more than catered for in the Fuji XT-2, purchase made.

The first time I used the Fujifilm XT-2 was on a cold December morning a few weeks ago near where I live while out photographing with a friend (Stephen Skeet). The picture top of page was the first image I took if I remember correctly. The one below was taken around 20 minutes later just as blue hour was starting.

Ferrybridge Locks – Yorkshire, England (UK)

It is not the photographs I took on the first day of using the XT-2 but the ease in which I was able to take them compared to my much loved and used Nikon D7100. Seeing the image before it is taken via the EVF (electronic view finder) is a huge deal for me and something I had not been able to do before, I was impressed and soon fell in love with the tactile controls, programmable buttons and even the menu system of the XT-2 which not everyone likes at first.

I very much still like Nikon but I have just sold the D7100 and all my glass which was a mixture of Nikkor (Nikon) and Tokina lenses. Next week I will be buying a long Fuji lens and wide Samyang glass to give me a good focal range.

Some will argue, but for me there is no going back from a mirrorless EVF to looking through a prism of a DSLR. Decision made and I am pleased to say the correct one, for me.

Winter at Nostell Priory, Yorkshire, UK. Taken with the Fujifilm XT-2.

Have any of you gone through similar experiences?

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8 January, 2019 Elizabeth Kearvell

I will always be a Nikon girl …but needs must …so long as you are having the best time with your new gear and it does exactly what you want and makes you happy ….all the best Tim….Lizzie… 🙂

11 January, 2019 Tim

Hi Lizzie, I was very happy with Nikon but could not afford their mirrorless offerings and was a little underwhelmed at what they were offering for a high price compared to what Fuji offered. At the end of the day, there is not a bad camera these days and it’s the finished images and enjoyment that’s important as you know.

I hope you enjoy the weekend my friend and I will reply to your email later 🙂

Kindest regards

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