Summer Photography is Bloody Hard!

Summer Photography is Bloody Hard!
Summer photography, hard or easy?

Like many of you, I am very much a spring and summer person, I adore spring, the freshness, new life coming after a long winter sleep and the prospect of having months of warm weather in front of me, appealing and magic. Spring never fails to give me this feeling, it always will ..

From a photography point of view, spring is lovely but both spring and summer leave me knackered! A bold statement but one many other dedicated landscape photographers will very much understand. regardless of location, other than maybe coastal areas, most landscapes this time of year are so green and over grown, I sometimes think my personal photos blend into one green mass. I try and vary processing and location of course but I still find summer hard.

The hardest bit of late spring/summer photography is being up so bloody early and late for golden hour (sunrise/sunset) which is never guaranteed to happen and many times you will get up at a ridiculous hour for nothing. This would not be bad if I was retired from work, not to mention family time during the day on my days away from work. All this sounds like I am complain, but I’m really not honestly, this is all part of photography, the pastime we love we love, but, as the title says, summer is bloody hard!

I’m sure a few of you will call me lazy and not dedicated enough but I talk to a fair few landscape photographers, both in person and on social media, many say the same.

I never though I would say this as I work outdoors, from a photography point of view, roll on Autumn!

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