Spring clean for the website

Spring clean for the website
To the eye very little has changed on here but believe me, I have been wearing a surgeons gown and gloves and been under the hood of the website for a good sort out so to speak. Main improvements:
  • mobile friendliness greatly improved
  • the site is faster to load on all platforms
  • site menus have been split and improved
  • crap cleared out and bugs fixed
  • database optimized
What else have I been up to this week, ah yes, partly thanks to the beast from the east (weather) I had a big fall down a concrete banking at work while avoiding the back wheels of a lorry and cracked a rib, joy!! I will be back doing what I love and going out photographing as soon as I possibly can. Until then, I will do a little more on here at leisure and enjoy a long time coming welcome break from the grind of social media, no offence to friends on there, of course, you all know what I mean and know I am due a little time away. Kind Regards All…

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2 March, 2018 Chris

Very nice website Tim. I’m enjoying the mobile experience and kudos for the work you must have put in. Enjoy the break and I hope the rib isn’t too painful.

2 March, 2018 Tim Hill

Great feedback and a kind comment Chris. You have a nice website also!

The rib hurts but will heal, thanks…

3 March, 2018 Elaine Williams

Hope your clean out goes well Tim. You aren’t having much luck are you… flu and now your rib! Take care my friend and make the most of your spare time. (I’m sure you will)

3 March, 2018 Tim Hill

These things happen Elaine, I’m OK if I don’t move much or cough! The website spring clean is almost done and I will take your advice and make the best of the time off work once the pain has eased a little. Thanks for dropping by and kind regards.

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