Social Media – Friend or Demon?

Social Media – Friend or Demon?

When you have the rug pulled from under you like many photographers and I just have after the crushing announcement that G+ is to close for good next year, you can be forgiven for thinking of all social media platforms as a bit of a demon, I certainly did and I was ready to leave the lot for good a few weeks ago. How dare Google delete all those friendships forged over the years and all the days of your life spend updating pages and running communities, all because in my opinion user figures could not match those of Facebook and were never going to, graphs, statistics and figures, no thought to the human and social side, just hard figures. Photographer Tim Hill social media

My first response to the G+ news was to add a social platform on this website so friends could still catch up and share images. It sounded good and once I had finished creating it, looked good also but I found the updates were slowing down my website and were only joined and used by a few. Also, who was ever going to see the images behind closed doors of a login page, ultimately it had to go, I apologise to the few who kindly joined out of friendship.

Bit by bit, more and more I found myself posting to facebook of which I have never been a fan but many friends new and old were over there and posting great content, all be it in 100k of fairly poor quality jpg thanks to FB squeezing the goodness out of images, but that’s another story.

So where am I today social media-wise? I have the G+ news out of my system and I am helping to build the pages for WBTPA: World Best Top Photographer Association run by a good online friend Marina Versaci on Facebook as well as actively supporting Pixabay with free CCO images.

At the end of the day, we all love our work being shared, admired and seen if we are honest, social media is one of the best ways of doing this friend or demon!

Q: Where do you post your images and which social media platforms do you use and why?

Kind regards – Tim

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21 October, 2018 Elaine Williams

Hi Tim, I knew you weren’t happy when they announced the news about G+. I felt sad about the loss of friendships forged over the years. I use Facebook, joining sites to share photographs taken around the UK, but it’s not as good as G+.
Please let me know when you decide where you are going. I love to view your photos and your information.
Hope you have a great day. We are out walking the weather is too good to miss my friend. Take care….

21 October, 2018 Tim

G+ plus just worked for us all didn’t it Elaine, the pictures looked nice and it was easy to talk to people. Bloody Google! I have not quite settled on Facebook as my photo sharing platform of choice yet, I am still looking around but will let you know, I would hate to lose your friendship and would love to keep in touch on a regular basis after the lights go out over at G+
I hope you enjoy the mild weather this weekend and have a more glamorous weekend than me, buying horse manure for the garden!
I look forward to keeping in touch for many years to come and will tell you where I end up next… Kindest regards 😉

22 January, 2019 Elaine Williams

Thank you so much Tim. That would be so good.
Trying to get a bit of walking in, all be it dirty underfoot, before the white stuff starts to fall.
Many thanks…..

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