So, Why Did I Abondon Social Media and Many Friends?

So, Why Did I Abondon Social Media and Many Friends?

A: Family, Photography and health…

I am not proud of the way I left social media and the many friends I let down and left wondering if I was OK. To those, I now say I am profoundly sorry, friends will always be thought of and remembered as friends, some I have known through photography and social media since 2013 when I bought my first DSLR.

The day before Christmas Eve I spent 12 hours reading and replying to social media posts (mainly Facebook). I woke up early Christmas Eve morning with my head still swimming in social media and snapped, enough, I systematically deleted all but my Instagram account. I was wracked with guilt while doing it but at the same time, it felt right.

After many more hours family time and much more time doing what I love, photographing, I did the right thing for me and I will not be back to Facebook etc, any time soon, if ever.

The situation above has all been caused and created by me being me, so there is no one else to blame. Again I am profoundly sorry to all my actions have affected in varying ways. I am not a bad person but needed my life back and now have it.

To end, I am not naturally a sociable person but I am after alcohol, this has been greatly reduced also and no longer needed in the amounts I was consuming just weeks ago.

If anyone wants to share or comment, please feel free.

Kindest regards

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11 January, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

My respects, Tim!
You have chosen the best option for you and your family and that is the most important thing!
Keep making fantastic photos like this one and like all yours. Enjoy, my lonely friend, with your sunrises on the coast, going cold to make these pictures, or at night, checking what good camera your new Fuji is!
I will see your photos, and I will comment occasionally, but I will always see them!
My friendship, always!

12 January, 2019 Tim

A heartwarming comment from a beautiful person and a great photographer.
Thank you so much, Esperanza 🙂

12 January, 2019 Marina Versaci

Dear friend!!

You have to make your life and think about your family. I respect you for your honesty and your courage, which also demonstrate with this letter. You know you always have my support, my friendship and my love.
Continue like this, with courage! You are a fantastic photographer. When you need, I am there!

12 January, 2019 Tim

You have full respect, friendship and love Marina. I will be thinking about you also dear friend, thank you 😉

12 January, 2019 Igor Schevchenko

My full respect to you, Tim! Real life has the highest priority, I guess. Thanks a lot for your friendship and kindest regards from Russia!

12 January, 2019 Tim

After my abrupt disappearance, I respect you more than ever for getting in touch and posting in English Igor. I do not deserve this! You are a wonderful photographer and if you are ever on Instagram I would be honoured to follow you – Instagram is the only social media platform I did not delete.

I have now added the Russian language to this site, click ‘Translate’ in the bottom left corner of the page and select the ‘Russian flag’ to translate all.

Thank you for your kindness, friendship and support, a true photographer Igor…


12 January, 2019 Alberto

Ciao caro amico
Hai fatto la scelta che tu hai ritenuto giusta.
Pensa a stare bene e sappi che per me e per gli altri amici di WBTPA sei sempre una bravissima persona e un eccellente fotografo.
Ti auguro ogni bene.
Un abbraccio
Alberto Romano

12 January, 2019 Tim

Alberto kindly says:-

Hello dear friend
You made the choice that you felt was right.
Think about being well and know that for me and for the other WBTPA friends you are always a very good person and an excellent photographer.
I wish you all the best.
A hug
Alberto Romano

Un altro amico che davvero non dovrebbe essere qui dopo quello che ho fatto ma è. Ho molto rispetto per te Alberto e mi umilia leggere il tuo commento qui. Per favore, ti diamo il benvenuto e l’unico social media che non ho cancellato era Instagram e ti ho visto lì, quindi ti aggiungerò ora, così potremmo rimanere in contatto. Grazie per le tue parole e il tempo amico mio, significa molto per me.

Per aggiungere, fai clic sul pulsante “Traduci”, in basso a sinistra della pagina e seleziona la bandiera “italiano” per tradurre tutto su questo sito Web in futuro.

Cordiali saluti

Another friend that really should not be here after what I have done but is. I have much respect for you Alberto and it humbles me to read you comment here. Please say in touch and the only social media I did not delete was Instagram and I have seen you there so will add you now so we may stay in touch. Thank you for your words and time my friend, it means a lot to me.

To add, click the ‘Translate’ button, bottom left of page and select the ‘Italian’ flag to translate all on this website in the future.

Kindrest regards

12 January, 2019 Franco

Ognuno di noi fa le scelte che ritiene più giuste per se stesso. Continua a fare belle foto, ama la tua famiglia e gli amici. Tutto il resto non ha importanza. Buona fortuna

13 January, 2019 Tim

Franco Says:-

“Each of us makes the choices that he considers most appropriate for himself. Keep taking good pictures, love your family and friends. Everything else does not matter. Good luck”

Grazie per le tue parole gentili e sagge Franco, molto apprezzato caro amico 😉

Thank you for your kind and wise words Franco, greatly appreciated dear friend 😉

Kindest regards

12 January, 2019 Luc

Hello dear Tim,
never feel guilty for your actions and being you, no matter what.
What people think of you in any given case is not your busyness.
At least that’s my personal motto and my humble share.
Do what makes your heart sing, and try not to die with the music still in you….😊
All the best,

13 January, 2019 Tim

Very wise and welcome advice which I shall, of course, follow Luc. Thank you for taking the time my friend, appreciated 😉

Best regards

12 January, 2019 Shamsa Anwar

Sorry to hear but one has to make tough choices. Social media can be very demanding and we all have to draw boundaries.
Wish you great success, peace of mind and happiness, Tim.
Stay blessed.

13 January, 2019 Tim

Thank you for taking the time and your kind and welcome words Shamsa, very much appreciated my friend 😉

Kindest regards

12 January, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

Tim, you mean a lot to all of us, your friends. We have looked for you to give you our support and to tell you that you made the right decision for yourself.
You must feel proud of yourself. If you were not a great person (great photographer is to say), do you think we would go to find you wherever you are to give you our praise and pay our respects for your courage to write this post?
My dear friend English, French, Spanish, the most friendly and attentive, enjoy your life, family, photography and everything you love!😍👌

13 January, 2019 Tim

I never expected to get the kind of responses you all have kindly sent, you are of course right and a lovely person for taking the time to put your thoughts into words here. I will take your advice of course and enjoy my time more with the family. Your friendship is special and real Esperanza, I wish you all the luck in the words in whatever you do and keep taking those superb images, dear friend 😉

Thank you

12 January, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

My English is not very correct, but I think it is understood: “if you were not a great person (and of course a great photographer) do you think …?👍

13 January, 2019 Tim

I understand and very much enjoyed reading and replying to all dear friend 🙂

12 January, 2019 Mario Beducci

Four words …. A heart with you ;-))

13 January, 2019 Tim

Thank you for your kind words Mario, best regards my friend 😉

15 January, 2019 Rinus Bakker

Hi Tim,
I have enjoyed your presence but I completely understand your move. Social media is very demanding. Wish you all the best!

16 January, 2019 Tim

Thank you very much, Rinus. I wish you well in all you do and I am enjoying the time away. Kind regards!

21 January, 2019 Elaine Williams

Dear Tim,
I hope, by now, you have a more peaceful mind, my friend. I do not blame you for what you have done, in fact, I admire your strength!
Please take care, and many thanks for the times you helped me.
Take care and best wishes to you and your family.
Elaine Williams

25 January, 2019 Tim

Hi Elaine

More peaceful mind sums things up really well. The weekends are my own again and I have hours and hours more time to spend with the family out and about of playing with Thomas. I’m so grateful to everyone for the times I had on social media and friends like you Elaine who are genuinely lovely people.
I have not been out photographing much of late but I never do this time of year, I am still as enthusiastic as ever and starting to notice the bulbs coming up in gardens which is always a great sign, even though we have a bit of winter left to get through yet.
Thank you for taking the time to write here Elaine, I really appreciated it, please keep in touch and I will keep in touch with you my friend.

Kindest regards

27 January, 2019 Elaine Williams

Thank you for replying my friend and yes, I will keep in touch.

27 January, 2019 Tim


22 January, 2019 Chris

The main thing is that you enjoy creating Tim. There are so many amazing folks on social media, but it can be a positive as well as a negative for the purpose of simply creating as it can keep one very busy, amongst other things. The higher the quality of the work (like yours), I would think the busier a creator will become until there is no time to create any more. Your work is top drawer so please enjoy spending the maximum time with your loved one and doing what you do so very well, with a free hand, without the pressure of having to answer for it on the social media conveyor belt. Your work doesn’t need you on social media, just keep creating, as I am certain that social media will find your wonderful images anyway.

25 January, 2019 Tim

Lovely words Chris, thank you very much, you are a true friend. You are as good at writing as you are photography and that is saying something, Chris!
I always have a bit of a quiet period this time of year photography wise and catch up on other things instead. I love being out taking photos and creating as much as ever, it was the treadmill of social media that zapped me and my time with the family, I miss many of the great friends I had on there though but the main ones are still in touch, like yourself which is great. I hope you are enjoying the poetry as much as ever and I look forward to seeing a poetry book by you on Amazon one day?! Until then I will enjoy your website, writings and images on your blog.

Thank you again for taking the time my friend 😉
Kind regards

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