Scarborough Yorkshire

Scarborough Yorkshire

Scarborough Yorkshire – Back from a nice family weekend at Scarborough in Yorkshire for Thomas’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas, 9 yesterday 😀

As always on family weekends away and holidays, photography by morning while all are in bed and family (without the camera) by day so everyone is happy.

The weather was far from ideal for photography once again but I’ve been at this long enough now to know conditions on the day are what they are, you just have to try and work with them and adapt your photography to suit. Typically on the morning we went home the weather broke and the fog and mist cleared to a chilly but sunny morning. By our last day on Monday I was tired after getting up early all weekend, but I still managed to drag myself out of a warm bed, get into the car and drive down to the harbour for photography and a little sunshine.

Partly due to the weather and partly because I wanted to, I had a good practice taking video clips this holiday so the video below is a good bit longer than my usual time-lapse videos, which is no bad thing and the way I want my videos to be going forward. Edited into the video are 3 time-lapse clips – for those who may be interested, the clips are made up of 200 images, taken 6 seconds apart to make a finished clip of just 8 seconds. If you enjoy the video please consider commenting on YouTube, this really helps build my small channel, thank you.

A few images I took with a little info below each.

Molly Malone’s seafood bar on the front in Scarborough has been there far longer than I have been going to Scarborough, I can almost taste the Prawns, Mussels, Cockles, Welks and Crab I as look at the image.

Scarborough Harbour and Town

The harbours are two distinctly separate areas, and at one time the larger inner harbour was solely for commercial fishing purposes, whilst the outer smaller harbour was reserved for pleasure boats.

Scarborough Yachting Marina

A pano of the leisure side of Scarborough Harbour as the sun (yes sun!!) was just starting to rise and break through the clouds.

Scarborough Harbour at Sunrise

Typical, we set off home a few hours after the weather broke and I took this image.

Beach Chalets Scarborough

Scarborough was the world’s first seaside resort; it was essentially where the seaside was invented. By 1735 it had an early form of bathing machine, the wheeled precursor of beach huts, and continued to be a pioneer in all things seaside and many of the innovations begun there were copied elsewhere around the country.

What people talk 8 Comments

11 April, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

Again I find memorable photos, especially in B / W and lots of family fun.
The first and the second are my favorites!
PS: I removed my Instagram photos. I do not like it at all.

11 April, 2019 Tim

I think Instagram is a little bit like that, you either love it or hate it, the jury is still out here, I cannot decide either way.

Thank you for your kindness Esperanza, we enjoyed the weekend 😀

11 April, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

So is! And I think I hate her! !
Have a good week!😃

11 April, 2019 Tim

You also 😀

11 April, 2019 Chris

Great video Tim, your editing is great and photography as always is awesome. Love the moody sea shot with all the movement and the video captures (and timelapse) of the boat motion

12 April, 2019 Tim

Cheers Chris, I learned a lot about all while doing this one. The clips didn’t really tell a story of the day or place as such and the music is overpowering, maybe natural sounds next time. As a rule, I/we never did video up to now so it’s a pleasurable learning curve for both of us, I will learn more from your lead.

15 April, 2019 Chris

It certainly is a learning experience for me too. My walks take much longer now and the next thing I need is a baffle for wind noise on the mic – a problem with a phone! I look forward to your next video!

16 April, 2019 Tim

You can buy them Chris, I wouldn’t know where from though, good old Amazon may be a good place to look, lots of reviews and all.

P.s. I’ll have a look at the weekend why your comments are always dropping to moderation when they shouldn’t do, only the first 2 should do that then all posted up immediately after that.

Thanks and like the new Avatar 😀

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