Scarborough North Yorkshire Photography

Scarborough North Yorkshire Photography

After a long wet, dark and cold winter here in Yorkshire, UK, how nice it was to watch and photograph the sunrise on a mild Spring morning on and around the beach at Scarborough, England.

I was out before blue hour from where the family and I were staying for the weekend, the harbour and beach were just a 5 minute ride away and best of all, the parking spaces near the harbour were empty and parking was free this time of morning, ideal!

Before arriving at Scarborough I had checked the position of the sunrise and tide times, so I knew where I needed to be and knew the tide would be most of the way out leaving lots of wet sand to reflect the sunrise, should the sun be able to break though the clouds, which luckily it did.

For this post I have chosen a mixed selection of images taken over the weekend. Most of the images were bracketed, 2 stops either side, (+&-2ev) some were correct exposure and minus 2 stops (-2ev), all resulting HDR images were made in Lightroom to give one big raw file for each image with lots of data to really pull out the colours and details in the sky and water. Cropping and enhancements in the basic panel along with lens correctedions were done in Lightroom, before seemlessly passing the image to Luminar 2018 to really give the image some punch and bring out colour and detail, before passing the image back to Lightroom for sharpening where needed. I wish I could go into my full workflow here but that is for a video another day and far too much typing and work for one blog post. 😉

Enjoy the images of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England (UK) all. Comments and questions answered and appreciated…

Kind regards – Tim

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