Bridlington East Yorkshire

Bridlington Beach View
Bridlington Beach View

Bridlington holds many happy memories from many people. Who remembers buying cream waffles and knickerbocker glories from the harbour area as a child and then spending the change in the 2p slot machines or push-rakes.

As a sea-fishing port, Brid is known for shellfish, and is the largest lobster port in Europe, with over 300 tonnes of the crustaceans landed there each year. It has been termed the “Lobster Capital of Europe”.

For those not familiar with Brid or Bridlington, to give it its Sunday name, there is a free Bridlington and East Yorkshire Coast 2021 guide available to order by potential visitors to the area and can be found at  

Bridlington North Beach and Promenade
Bridlington North Beach and Promenade

Did you know?

  • The Gypsey Race is a fast-flowing stream that runs into Bridlington harbour. Its name derives from the old English ‘Gypsia’ which means to suddenly spring into life. It has the same origin as the word ‘Gypsey,’ used to describe travellers, people that appear in springtime but are gone before winter.
  • The original Bridlington was about a mile from the sea, and this part is now referred to as the Old Town. Bridlington Quay was the name of the port area. Trade in corn was once substantial, and the site of the 1826 Corn Exchange building can still be found in the old Market Place.
  • Bridlington ((Population 37,000) year ~ 2021) is the second largest town on the Yorkshire coast and the largest town in East Yorkshire.
  • Bridlington South is the wide expanse of sand to the south of Bridlington Spa and Bridlington Harbour, on the East Riding coast. The beach is over a mile long, after which it becomes Fraisthorpe Beach.
Bridlington fishing cobbles
Bridlington fishing cobbles

Bridlington harbour would not be the same without the famous and very old sailing cobbles with names like Gansey Girl and The Three Brothers. They really don’t make vessels like this anymore but I am informed the surviving cobbles are in good hands, kept afloat but preservation societies for future generations to look at and admire.

Now to a different and much more modern Gancey Girl ~ In 2015 on Bridlington Pier a sculpture of a young woman knitting a gansey, the traditional jumper worn by fishermen, was unveiled. It honours Bridlington’s fishing families. Many fishing families have contributed to the sculpture by placing moulded fish that bear their family names on to the sculpture’s plinth.

Gansey Girl Memorial
Gansey Girl Memorial
Gansey Girl Memorial
Gansey Girl Bridlington

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