Aerial Flamborough Head

Flamborough head fog warning station
Flamborough head fog warning station

I start with a BIG thank you to Steve Smith of for being very trusting and loaning me the superb DJI Mavic 2 Pro each time terrain, location and weather permit us to fly and photograph from the air. The images below are from my first time piloting the Mavic 2 at the beautiful Flamborough Head on the East Yorkshire coast near Bridlington.

Before going fling for the first time I did the sensible and responsible thing and did the online test which made me a CAA qualified drone pilot, my Flyers ID is available upon request. Basic, CAA rules are adhered to by flying no higher than 120m and no closer than 50m to people and recreational buildings with the Mavic 2.

Flamborough lighthouse to Bridlington
Flamborough lighthouse to Bridlington

How was the first flight

When Steve first fired up the drone with a shovel of coal (joke) I was quite nervous but excited at the same time, that was my micro SD card in the drone and any pictures taken were coming home with me.

After walking around and around with the drone a few times (silly man), which is something to do with co-ordinating the drone I think, Steve placed it on the floor, showed me some basic stick controls and told me to slide the slider on the control screen to start her up and fly. So I did!

I was very wary at first but I soon realised how many obstacle avoidance sensors the drone has and Steve had dulled down the control sensitivity a little which really helped.

Seals at 'The Drinking Dinosaur'
Seals at ‘The Drinking Dinosaur’

Almost immediately I realised what I was seeing on the controller screen were angles and views of Flamborough I had never seen before after all these years of photographing the place. Instead of just looking over the cliff edge at a secluded cove, I could go above it or look at the cove from out to sea, my little photography brain was exploding, what opportunities, this opens whole new doors, I was hooked and could not wait for my next flight once we had finished for the morning.

What next for me and drone photography

At the moment I am very grateful to Steve for the use of his Mavic 2 Pro still which I have now piloted and photographed at Whitby, Robin hood’s Bay and Saltburn by the sea. I am saving like mad for my own drone with all photography products and print sales going towards this fantastic new way of photographing the Yorkshire coast and beyond.

I am still as giddy as ever for photographing with the Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless but adding a new dimension to photography is always good.

Beautiful Flamborough head
Beautiful Flamborough head

Before going on to show other drone images from the morning, could I just say when it comes to piloting and photographing with a quite large drone, Steve and I are very safety conscious, and respectful, and CAA rules are adhered to by flying no higher than 120m and no closer than 50m to people and recreational buildings.

Wildlife is also taken into account, for example, in one of the images above you will see a herd of seals sleeping and sunny on a peddle beach, when we left the seals were still very much sleeping and sunning still and probable didn’t even know we had been there.

Flamborough head to Filey Brigg
Flamborough head to Filey Brigg

Images from my first flight using the DJI Mavic 2

Please note as always, these images have been greatly reduced in quality for the purpose of adding them to the web, purchased print products and art prints are of the highest quality.

Thank you kindly for reading and looking, also check out my products on PIXELS and REDBUBBLE

Kindest regards


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