Pontefract Park Lake, great news!

Well it should have been a trip photographing the sunrise at Hornsea yesterday morning but due to idiots mindlessly panic buying fuel, which I will not get into here, I ended up going local, 2 miles down the road to be exact and I’m very glad I did, the weather and photography gods were on my side on this occasion.

Let me start with some great news announced in the last couple of weeks that Phonefract people have been waiting to hear for at least the last 30 years.

Local council chiefs have signed off around £1.3m worth of funding for major repairs to the embankment and the footpaths which encircle the lake. Platforms will be set up to help anglers leave footpath space open to walkers, while vegetation habitats for the water’s wildlife will also be created. The work is to be carried out when the horse racing season ends I believe and will result in the lake being closed for a period of time while works are carried out.

Pontefract Park Lake


Crumbling banks and pathways around Pontefract Park Lake

Pontefract Park Lake


Years of underfunding leaves a sorry sight

Fantastic news, every Pontefract person I talk to is over the moon, at last, some money is to be spent on the lake we love and have grown up with.

Over recent years the Pontefract Park has come on leaps and bounds thanks to the fabulous work of Friends of Pontefract Park ( https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfPontefractPark/ ), funding for the lake is the icing on the cake and just the start of making the lake better for all with help also from Pontefract Park Angling Club.

The only bit I don’t understand which I am hoping someone can answer in the comments, the lake is choked with silt and many decades of rubbish that has blown across the park and found an unwelcome home in the lake, removing at least some of the silt and muck must be a priority if the lake is to be a healthy fishery again, but repairing the sides, making fishing platforms and planting lilies etc is a great start I must say, I’m over the moon and will be photographing every step of the lake’s refurbishment as and when possible.

Pontefract Park Lake

Pontefract Park Lake

A beautiful reflected sunrise over Pontefract Park lake in West Yorkshire.

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Spot the Heron

I had my back to the sunrise but as always in photography don’t forget to look behind you! This is a wonderful late September sunrise reflecting on Pontefract Park lake with a Heron as an added bonus, see the island shadows on the left to see it fishing, it shows up well on the large high-resolution image.

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Patiently, like a statue, waiting for breakfast to swim within reach

As far as I can read, Pontefract Park and its lake were first created in 1780, the lake was full of rowing boats for many years and used to be a thriving fishing location when I was a child.


Not the best of sights but due to 1.3 million funding the edges and paths are soon to be repaired

Pontefract Park Lake

Sunrise at Pontefract Park

I took this image a couple of years ago and is still one of my favourite shots of the lake at sunrise.

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Long Exposure

4-minute long exposure sunrise with smooth water at Pontefract Park Lake at the side of Pontefract Racecourse in West Yorkshire, England.

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All images from Pontefract Park Lake Yesterday


I will post more images as the repair work progresses.

Kind regards


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