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It’s Friday evening and the weekend is fresh as I type this blog post, so all is great!

In all seriousness all is very good here at the moment with the exception of my father’s health, bless him. I still work full time for the local council where I live, my day job is emptying refuse bins and I still have an 8-year-old little monkey of a son who is good really.

My new found time since quitting social media has opened up all new doors for me and family time which I am enjoying, I have rarely been as relaxed of late…

As a rule, I do not take too many images in Winter and this Winter (now) has not bucked the trend. When the weather is bad I get wet and cold all week at work so the thought of doing it all over again at the weekend in the name of photography sometimes does not appeal. I know I do not sound like a ‘true’ photographer but if you were getting wet and cold with me all week I’m sure you would find other warmer and drier things to do also!

Having sold my much loved Nikon D7100 and a selection of Nikon and Tokina lenses in order to buy Fuji kit, I now have a focal range of between 12 and 307mm Lens wise for my Fujifilm X-T2 camera and a new German (Sirui) arco swiss tripod head perfect for the ‘L bracket’ I bought to go with the XT-2. All my other kit is the same if it works use it…

I hope you all do not mind me ambushing my own post?! Only to point you in the direction of a genuine and lovely Scottish lad and friend who is a very good photographer, father and poet, Chris Bowness. To see what I mean please check out Chris’s website and especially his blog Like me Chris runs his website at a loss just for the love of having a website, writing, sharing and showing his images (creating). Comments are gold to us! Thanks for the friendship Chris if you are reading.

I had a very kind email the other day which started ‘I am sorry you have given up photography’ what!!! In all kindness, have I hell! I am so looking forward to getting out next with the new Fuji kit just as I would have been if I still had the Nikon D7100. I love photography as much as ever, I will still photograph as and when and enjoy every moment, warm, dry, wet or cold, but enjoy the work-life balance in-between.

Thank you as always for reading my scribbles, new images soon 🙂

Best regards


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I am a landscape/seascape photographer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. I have a real passion for photographing the Yorkshire Coast and further afield as and when I have the chance.

12 thoughts on “Photography and Life Chat”

  1. Hi Tim!
    I am happy to know that every day you feel better, more calm and focused!
    You are a great photographer (it is not necessary to go cold and get wet if you do not feel like it … In my city the weather is mild and I do not always want to go out in the winter to take pictures!)
    I send you a hug in case it consoles you for your father’s health.
    I love the photo of the post and I see that you have new projects that excite you. Surely you will do very well with the sale of your photos!
    Greetings and we will keep in touch, my friend!

    • Thank you so much for dropping by dear Esperanza, it is very nice to hear from you. I am guessing in Spain it is not so cold and wet, we are having 4 seasons in one day here at the moment, but that is quite normal for January in England.
      Thank you kindly for the compliments and well wishes you are lovely 😉
      You are of course a fantastic photographer and I hope one day you think of having your own website to show off your fantastic work.
      I put the store up to mainly try and cover the monthly costs of this website, any extra over and above that would be a welcome bonus.
      Enjoy the Spanish sunshine Esperanza and I am really glad you are keeping in touch.
      Kindest regards

      • Whenever you upload a new photo, I’ll see it.
        I would like to comment on many others on your website but I can not do it: only on the blog …
        Many times I thought about creating a web page myself, and yours is excellent: that the photos can be enlarged is one of the things that I like the most.
        The problem is that I do not want to have monthly costs,
          nor the difficulty and the time it would take me to create it.
        Your country is very beautiful, even if it has four seasons in a day …😃

        You make yourself loved, Tim, for your sympathy, honesty and sincerity. You’re like a big boy who wants to cuddle and I’ll be watching you. I feel your friend and I will not forget that.

        We will keep in touch, Tim

        • I am not sure how this will work but I have opened up comments on all my galleries from ‘Latest Images’ to the ‘Black & White’ gallery. These images will be changed a refreshed in time but the comments will remain, I cannot see this being a problem so good idea dear friend 😉
          I fully understand about monthly website costs, very true. The best solution for you would be the monthly costs are low and you need no knowledge at all to make a website with Squarespace, just drag and drop your images and type text. The monthly costs would still be there though and I very much understand why you would not want that 😉

          I love and appreciate your final words, dear friend, you are a beautiful and lovely lady that I am so glad to be friends with and follow if and where I can.


          • I also have no idea why I can not comment on the photo I chose, and I have not seen comments more than in the blog, if I’m not wrong … It will be because I do not understand well how it works. …
            It is true that sometimes I thought about the website or a blog, but I never decided on what I said before. Anyway, thank you very much for bothering to look for the link!
            By the way, the translation of what I have written in English (I do not, google translator😂) is not very clear in your blog … I hope that, however, you have understood correctly.
            Greetings, my friend, and good weekend for you and your family!

            • I have been looking at image comments again this morning, it was nothing you were doing wrong, it looks like I have not managed to make this work and cannot make it work, which is a shame but never mind, thanks for trying anyway 🙂
              Your comment reads perfectly in English by the way, so the translator (powered by Google) seems to be doing its job!
              Kindest regards

  2. Thank you so much for the mention and the kind words Tim. My best wishes to your family and to your father’s health too.
    I can understand why you don’t like the bad weather but I’m the opposite, being cooped up indoors all week, I relish the opportunity to brave the weather (within reason). In fact I’m off camping today, the forecast for tonight is -2°C and I’m disappointed as it was -8°C on Thursday and the trees were all frosted… I relish the challenge of winter weather and with my mate Andy we are like a couple of bigs kids who should really know better 🙂
    I look forward to seeing your images when you do venture out again!

    • Hats off to you both Chris, I planned going out this morning (Saturday.)

      I started work on Friday at 6:45 am, it was around -4 here in Yorkshire, hoar frost was covering trees, grass and all was looking sexy (to us photographers). It got to midday Friday and alas, temperatures went up and the hoar frost melted, Saturday morning photography opportunities went south. The only good news, I looked out of this window and the Saturday sunrise was pants…

      Acting like kids is always good Chris, never stop!

  3. Yes it was the same here all frosted and braw Thursday and Friday! All warming up now and rain. At least the sunrise obliged and saved itself for the next time that you’re out. It hid this morning from me too 🙂

  4. Hello Tim…happy that you are happy … good to look through your amazing photos…you rock!! …so proud to call you friend…see ya!! ….Lizzie

    • A wonderful comment Lizzie, thank you very much for dropping by!! I hope summer has not been too hot his year and at last, it is starting to cool down a little for you. I’ll keep up with your lovely images on Instagram and I am a lot happier doing the things in life that matter. Kindest regards dear friend – Tim

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