Photography motivation slowly returning, roll on Autumn!

Photography motivation slowly returning, roll on Autumn!

To ask if any of you go through a time of year when photography motivation is flat and just not there would be pointless, myself and many of my friends go through it every year. For some, it happens just before Spring, this year for me it has happened in Summer. Sunrises and sunsets are too early and late and the landscape is one big sea of green. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer, I am talking purely from a photography point of view. Everything seems to take more effort this time of year with at times, little return for the early starts due to clear skies and everything being just that little bit too green here in the UK. I’m really not complaining, this is a natural process that happens to me and others every year.

On a plus note; I was up for work and having breakfast at 5:30 this morning to a lovely orange, pink & red sunrise through the glass doors of our kitchen/dining room. I could not go out and photograph due to work but I had a little smile, the later sunrises are starting and the sun is a little lower in the sky for longer. Four years ago I would have been horrified at the mornings and evenings drawing in, I used to suffer quite bad with seasonal adjustment disorder which is not very nice. I can honestly say photography has cured the problem by around 80%, to where I am at today, looking forward to Autumn and even Winter all it brings instead of dreading it. My mindset is totally different to what it used to be, thanks mainly to the love of photography and the new opportunities and challenges Autumn & Winter present.

Also to look forward to; the family and I have just booked an early October weekend at Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. The sun rises over the beach and sets over land, the weather & sky can be moody and the sun is lower in the sky for longer, perfect. Many reading this will know I have taken many photographs in Scarborough over the last few years, so the challenge this time is finding new things and new perspectives to freshen things up as much as possible. So that’s Scarborough in October, looking forward to it …

To save all this typing; I am still considering vlogging (blogging but in front of the camera and shared via YouTube). I need first to learn better video skills but at the end of the day, I have plenty to say and talk about photography wise so why not!?!? OK, I am terrified, mainly of the thought of being in front of the camera instead of behind it, that’s the first reason. The second reason is problems I have with my voice. After being in the hospital through suffering from Asthma a few years ago; I was put on a very strong steroid which has 95% eliminated all symptoms of asthma for good, but there is always a down side, unfortunately. The lesser of the two evils is how the steroid affects my vocal cords. Many times of the year, but more so when the air is cold; I sound like I have a sore throat and sound like I am struggling to get my words out. So much so that now it has got into my head; the more I think I am going to have problems with my voice, the more it happens. All that said; there are many people in the world with real medical problems and not just a dodgy voice every now and then. I am thinking I should ease myself into vlogging by first improving my video skills in camera and in editing by taking more video and editing video into my time-lapse videos on YouTube. I understand setting up video in camera and shooting video at 1/50th of a second to make all smooth with no stutters but I have much to learn. As with photography; if something in life interests me, which video does at the moment, I will learn it and try to learn it well, so there’s a challenge! My upcoming Scarborough weekend seems a good time to start shooting a little video, I will take it from there and who knows …

If you have time to read on; could I talk quickly about where I am with social media at the moment? No, OK, I’ll go … Jokes aside 😉 … Google Plus is still my go to platform, I have friends there from when I first started photography and a big following which means a lot. G+ also has good image quality and posting there is helped by being synced to my Google cloud storage. Facebook I do not like to be honest but the reach of the platform is very good, I have family on Facebook of course and photography wise, its somewhere you just need to be. The quality of shared images is 100kb of sheer pants and badness though, this is the biggest bug bear with me and FB. 500px I have stopped updating, there is nothing wrong with the platform but it’s just not me, as simple as. Twitter is fine and has its place but not a place I get around to sharing with much (that could change) and has a lot of spam friends. I’m really not against Twitter though, I really hope it finds a way of making more money and ultimately survives and goes the distance. Instagram is a new platform for me; I originally joined because I wanted to integrate their app into my websites, which I have and looks nice, the platform is great though, very simple and easy. I am sorry to all who comment on my images, I never reply but you don’t seem to mind, which is great. I do however try and catch up with your images on there from time to time as a thank you and because I’m interested. ClickaSnap is the new and very much up-coming kid on the block. This platform grows like Japanese knot weed thanks to owner Tom Oswald pumping millions of pounds into his dream and business. You can also buy shares in ClickaSnap which is great and in my eyes quite a good and safe gamble. Mike Browne is also involved, both Mike and Tom will take time to comment on your images from time to time, they are very busy men so that is great and really gives the platform the personal touch. For anyone not familiar with ClickaSnap, it is the only platform where you get paid (a small amount) if someone clicks and looks at one your images for 5 seconds or more. Also for a small fee a month, ClickaSnap will provide a platform to sell your images as goods, you provide the picture and do the marketing to your friends and they take care of the rest. You can also set your own prices; they say how much the base price of the product is for them to produce and post and you tell them what you want on top, 30% for example. It’s all very easy, but enough of ClickaSnap for now, I should be paid for this!!

I’ll leave it at that for now, words are easier to say than type, I really do need to start vlogging…

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25 August, 2017 Heather Newman

I think you are very brave talking to a camera, that is something I would not be comfortable doing. I wish you luck and look forward to seeing your new video skills in action x

25 August, 2017 Tim Hill

I’ve not done it yet but I’m sure I will when I pluck up the courage! Congratulations and thank you so much for taking time to comment Heather, you are the first on this new website 😉 Brilliant, you made my day …

25 August, 2017 Ron Calvert

You left out the large crowds of people getting in your way.

25 August, 2017 Tim Hill

I’m chuckling Ron, now that’s just the confidence booster I need!! 🙂

Thank you for taking time to comment, really appreciated.

26 August, 2017 Elaine Williams

Hi Tim. I empathise with you regarding your camera talk. I too have asthma and can understand where you are coming from. . But nothing ventured…..
Looking forward to a new season too. Autumn brings the most beautiful of colours. Most of all, enjoy my friend.

26 August, 2017 Tim Hill

Nothing ventured, nothing gained I agree Elaine. I must say I’m looking forward to the colours of Autumn also. You enjoy too, I’m sure you will …

Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting my friend.

17 April, 2018 Tom

Thank you for the feedback re clickasnap


17 April, 2018 Tim Hill

A pleasure Tom

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