Photography in Malham, North Yorkshire

I did a photo walk yesterday in Malham, North Yorkshire. The walk started and ended in Malham village. It rained most of the day, but we don’t let things like that worry us!

The first photo stop on the walk was the beautiful Janet’s Foss. I waded across the stream/river to get to this spot but had very little room to manoeuvre and was stood in water. Due to the rain the river was rising but I made a mark on a rock so I didn’t get into trouble trying to get back! The air was thick with mosquitoes but what a spot this is, natural beauty.

For this shot I used a .9 (3 stop) and .6 (2 stop) ND filters stacked.

Janet's Foss

After a welcome bacon sandwich and a coffee, I started the climb up towards Malham cove. You have to admire the hard work and skill that goes into building and maintaining these dry stone walls.

This is a 6 shot panorama taken in light rain with the Nikon D7100 and 50mm primary lens. The images were taken vertically and overlapped by roughly 1/3. Stitching and processing was done in Lightroom CC. A grand view even in the rain ..

Dry Stone Walls Malham

When I reached the top of this hill I was met with a stunning view for as far as the eye could see. I had to stop there and do the time lapse at the top of the page.

This panorama was taken a little further on and nearer the top of Malham cove. The pano was taken with the Nikon D7100 & 50mm primary. Images stitched and processed in Lightroom CC.

Malham Cove View Panorama

This limestone causeway at Malham Cove has been formed by slightly acidic rain water eroding the limestone over many years.

Limestone Causeway

After spending a little time on top of the cove admiring the view, I descended the many steep stone and rock steps down to the bottom of the cove and into the valley.

Malham Cove is a limestone formation 0.6 miles (1 km) north of the village of Malham, North Yorkshire, England. The large, curved feature was formed by a waterfall carrying meltwater from glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago. The colossal amount of water flowing over the waterfall created the curved shape of the cove because the lip was more heavily eroded than the sides.

Malham Cove temporarily became a waterfall for what is believed to be the first time in centuries on 6 December 2015, after heavy rainfall from Storm Desmond.

Malham Cove North Yorkshire

This photograph was taken down in the valley, I had to give at least one image the full moody Lightroom treatment ..


A really enjoyable walk that I would recommend to anyone who is reasonably fit and doesn’t mind heights and a little up and down hills and over rocks.

Three of yesterdays Malham pictures are now for sale in the shop as digital downloads. Any help & support would be greatly appreciated and go towards my monthly web hosting bill.

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