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Virtual Landscape Photography could it work?


Virtual Landscape Photography could it work? In this video, Gary Gough discusses whether Photography in a virtual world could work!

Imagine: if you could immerse yourself in a breathtaking landscape where you were free to roam and explore. Imagine wandering around stunning land and seascapes. Lighting to die for and skies we can only dream of. No more silly early mornings or late nights! Already this is great isn’t it?

Computer games are so lifelike these days. They include realistic lighting, weather conditions and textures and they more often than not look truly amazing. So pictures yourself roaming freely looking for possible landscape compositions and striking panoramas? Looking for pictures to take, print and share on social media! Could this really be a thing?

So the first question raised must surely be why? Well, let’s think positively first. Teachers could benefit greatly when explaining about compositions, ROT (rules of thirds) and lighting etc. Teachers working in a classroom environment, parents getting their kids enthused by the endless possibilities Landscape Photography offers. People who are housebound. People with medical issues or disabilities. The old, the young!

Surely it’s great to know that you can learn a new skill in a comfortable, safe and warm environment, isn’t it?

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