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Useless Camera Features - Mike Browne


Having watched this excellent video I can see both sides of the argument, no we don't need any more than a few buttons and wheels on a camera to take pictures, but I like and very much use some of the toys on my camera such as 'Focus Bracketing' (focus stacking) and 'Exposure Bracketing' up to 7 frames. Then there is a built-in long exposure timer that I use a lot and would not be without now I have it. I could go on but you get the picture. No, we don't need but yes we sometimes want.

Cameras have many features. Most of them are confusing, useless and make the few controls a photographer needs, harder to find. There are only 3 controls we need and six that we wouldn't want to be without. Is there a place for a more streamlined, simpler to use camera? - Mike Browne

From the Nikon D3200 to the Nikon D7100 to currently the Fujifilm X-T2, loved them all...
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