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  • 1. How do I post my YouTube videos to the Wall


    You are allowed to post YouTube videos to the Photo Wall providing you are the video creator and the video belongs to you.

    To add a YouTube video simply hit share under your video on YouTube and copy the share link.

    Make sure Status is selected and NOT Video.

    Add some text to the post should you wish then hit POST, job done!

    You posted video will look like this:

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  • 2. I have just signed up, how do I remove the restrictions shown in my profile


    To be able to do all and see all on the Photo Wall you must do 2 things:

    Add a profile image

    Also, add a cover (header) image

    Once you have a Profile Photo and a Cover Image all restrictions are lifted and you will see confirmation shown below when you look at your profile.

    The restrictions are there to prevent ugly blank profile headers and images, I am sure you understand.

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  • 3. How do I choose which notifications I wish to receive


    Switching notifications on and off is as easy as dragging the slider left or right, here's how to manage notifications:

    Then look to the left-hand column

    Then simply pull the sliders to the on or off position

    Now you have control of which notifications you want to receive.

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  • 4. How do I post an image to a group


    Posting an image to a group is as easy as selecting the group from the drop down menu before you hit post.

    It does not matter if you select, post to My Profile or a Group, your post will always show on the Photo Wall.

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  • 5. How to add and edit a Member Review


    If you would like to add a member review that will show on their profile and also as a star rating, then you most certainly can.

    First, go to the member page and choose the member you wish to review ( https://timhillphotos.co.uk/members/ )

    Add a review:

    Edit a review:

    I very much encourage members to leave reviews but please remember the review is public and will show on the members profile for all to see.

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  • 6. How to add a profile widget


    Adding a profile widget will make your profile look much better and can be very useful for advertising your website for example.

    Here is an example of adding the skills widget:

    then set your skills like so...

    The finished and saved widget in your profile

    You can do no wrong with any of the profile widgets, play with them all until your heart is content. Widgets only appear in your profile and are not posted to the Photo Wall.

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  • 7. I do not speak good English, can I read in another language


    Yes, you can ...

    Select the country flag for the language you speak best.

    Select a flag -

    Please try to post to the Photo Wall in English with help from Google, thank you.

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  • 8. How do I start my own Group


    Starting your own group is very simple, once you have created the group you can be as involved as you like, you can even assign group moderators, or you can just let the group run, groups run themselves for the most part.

    This is how simple it is to start your own group -

    Go to the group`s page and click Create A Group - https://timhillphotos.co.uk/groups/

    Next name the group and add a description of what the group is about and maybe a few simple group rules.

    The settings below are completely up to you, I set my groups as shown, but you don't have to.

    Choose a group image. A good quality image is always best. If you do not have an image then do a search on https://pixabay.com/ all images on Pixabay are legally safe and fine to use on here.

    Choose a cover (header) image. A good quality image is always best. Take no notice of the recommended image sizes below, you can crop to suit once you select your image file.

    If you do not have an image then do a search on https://pixabay.com/ all images on Pixabay are legally safe and fine to use on here.

    Inviting friends is purely optional, at this stage you can simply hit Finish and your group is created!

    Creating a group is very easy, if you wish to assign moderators, just give me a shout on the wall and I will help.

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  • 9. What are Hashtags and how do I use them


    To put it simply Hashtags link your post to that particular word.

    If someone click on #seascape for example, all posts to the Photo Wall with the Hashtag seascape will show as search results, making it much easier for visitors to find your posts again.

    Hashtags can be any word you like or combination of words but no spaces or dashes are allowed for example #blackandwhite is fine but #black and white or #black-and-white would not work.

    You must add the Hashtag when you first post your image, if you try and edit them in afterwards they will not work.

    Hastags are always good and help people to see you posts again and again.

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  • 10. What size images can I post to the Wall


    The magic of posting here as opposed to such as Facebook, image size allowances are generous to show off your work at it's best.

    • There is no restriction on the physical size in pixels, any size is fine.
    • Individual images must be no more than 5 meg if your images are larger than 5 meg the site will tell you so no worries.

    Now, let's see you images how they were meant to be seen 😎

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  • 11. How do I know I am seeing all posts on the Photo Wall


    I must admit, this one has caught me out before!

    To make sure you are seeing every post simply make sure you click All Members and show Everything as exampled below.


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  • 12. What are Activity Points


    Unfortunately, activity points don't make prizes but they do add to the experience of interacting with the Photo Wall.

    Almost everything you do on the wall and every interaction earn you points unless you delete something then you lose points.

    As you gather points you increase member status and badges.

    Points, ranks and badges are purely for fun, we are all equal and all photographers of course, but points are fun so why not?

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  • 1. Do I have to sign up again to use the Forum


    No, you do not - Once you have signed up you are able to use both the Photo Wall and Forum.

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