Optimism after a long lockdown

Optimism after a long lockdown

I would like to wish you all a happy VE Day Bank Holiday weekend. I know your plans are somewhat limited due to lockdown but I’m sure you will think of lockdown ways of enjoying the warm and sunny weekend here in the UK, a beer and maybe a family BBQ is a must at the very least 🙂

After a long lockdown over most of the world, most of the world, I cannot believe I’m saying that but true! At long last here in the UK, we have hope and optimism that on Sunday the Prime Minister is set to lift certain restrictions and at least allow is out of the house as many times as we like instead of once for exercise, providing people are sensible of course and stick to social distancing, which most have been very good at to my surprise during the long lockdown.

I am wondering, for those in other countries who have lockdown relaxed already, has there been a surge in cases or is it still too early to say? I have to be careful, I am in a high-risk group so no return to work for me just yet but I hope Monday is the beginning of the end and a small step back to normality all be it not normality as we knew it, that will maybe take a year or more I am guessing.

Godrevy Lighthouse Tim Hill Photography

As for landscape photography, no yet but soon I hope, I have many plans and new locations to visit and look forward to those a great deal. Looking back the good thing about lockdown has been having time to redo this website which is now finished and I have pleased with how it looks and works, the last one was fine but was getting a little old in the tooth, it was time for all to go dark and go dark it did 🙂

Enjoy the weekend all and thank you to those who have purchased from the new shop ❤️

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