Nostell Priory Crystal Ball Photography

Nostell Priory Crystal Ball Photography

Nostell Priory Crystal Ball Photography – At last I have remembered to break out the Crystal Ball and on the warmest and sunniest day of 2019 so far.

A funny story and word of warning before I start sharing images from today – Nostell Priory is a stately home with very nice gardens and grounds owned and kept by the National Trust here in West Yorkshire. Each Easter Nostell Priory holds the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt where children go around the grounds finding clues to a puzzle in order to win a Cadbury Easter Egg at the end, they make you work for the egg believe me! Because this event attracts a lot of people, we all went to the gardens first while all was quiet before Sue and Thomas went on the egg hunt. I broke out the crystal ball and gave it to Sue to hold for a shot of the gardens with Thomas in the background. At first, Sue thought I was joking when I said the ball magnifies the sun and can very easily burn you, more than that Sue was sarcastically holding a leaflet that she had been handed on the way into the grounds over one side of the ball and making fun of what I said about the danger of burning her hand. What happened next was so funny and I swear is true, the leaflet caught fire in her hand and she had to throw it on the floor and stamp on it to put it out, how funny, Thomas and I were in hysterics 😀 (lesson leaned Sue!)

Please be careful using crystal balls in strong sunlight for photography, a glove or cleaning cloth around the ball is advised!

Here are a few images from this morning…

Nostell Priory Spring Garden

Above: Toad Lily flower in the meadow.

Crystall Ball Photography Nostell Priory

A shallow depth of field, in this case f/4 tends to work best for this kind of shot but not always. Experimentation is key when using a Crystal Ball to aid photography.

Nostell Priory Statue

Some shots work, some don’t, but why not have fun and experiment? 😀

Nostell Priory flowers

Crystal Ball photography is all about trial, error and experimentation.

Spring at Nostell Priory

A variation of the same but all good fun…

Nostell priory Gardens

All starts to spring into life here in Yorkshire with the help of warmth and sunshine.

Nostell Priory Photography

Last but not least, I’m not sure if this really works but I may as well share…

Have a nice Bank Holiday Easter Weekend with the family all.

What people talk 10 Comments

20 April, 2019 Heather Newman

I have heard that crystals in Windows can start fires. Just goes to show, you need to be careful. Beautiful photos 👌📷

21 April, 2019 Tim

It’s true Heather, I didn’t know how dangerous the crystal ball was until the leaflet caught fire in Sue’s hand, funny though 🙂

Thank you and kindest regards dear friend, thank you for dropping by 😀

21 April, 2019 Alberto

Bellissime Foto! Molto efficace anche la sfera di cristallo.
Ti abbraccio e ti auguro una splendida serata caro Tim!

22 April, 2019 Tim

Thank you so much for dropping by and for your kind words Alberto, kindest regards.

24 April, 2019 Chris

Fantastic images Tim, it’s a great thing to experiment with. Amazing at how dangerous a lens can be in the sun and hard to predict too. I’m glad you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and I did too!

25 April, 2019 Tim

Glad you enjoyed the weather also Chris, thank you!

26 April, 2019 Elaine Williams

Hi Tim..hope all is well. Love the photos. The crystal ball gives them extra depth.
Nostell such a gorgeous place any time of year.
Kind regards my dear friend

26 April, 2019 Tim

Hey Elaine, lovely to see you here, I still look out for you and your husband at Nostell even though the chances of us bumping into each other on a Saturday morning are slim 🙂

All is great thanks, my Dad is holding on, on a down note but all in all, we’re great to thank you. Such a shame G+ went down the tubes 🙁 I tend to be mainly here now but do a little Twitter and Instagram.

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for dropping by dear friend.

2 May, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

I have a crystal ball … I’ll have to try and see what I get!
Very creative photos!

3 May, 2019 Tim

Watch your fingers in strong sunlight, user a cloth to hold it or wear a glove, I joke not lol 😀

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