Misty Morning Through The Window

Misty Morning Through The Window

Misty Morning Through The Window,

What do you do when you are not able to get out of the house and photograph? Easy, get the camera out of the bag, put on a long lens and see what you can find on a misty morning through the window. That’s what I did this morning anyway and I’m quite happy with the results. The sun was just starting to burn through the morning mist, I thought the trees at the side of the motorway looks quite mysterious shrouded in mist, worth a click of the shutter just to add to this blog post.

Since leaving almost all social media this website has never had it so good, I am really enjoying regularly updating the blog, I never usually have much to say of interest to anyone but it’s nice to just think, type and see what comes out through the keyboard.

Other than the friends I miss, I certainly did the right thing untieing myself from the endless cycle of social media. I can now do what I want when I want to do it. On a weekend if I fancy putting the iMac to sleep, getting up and doing a little gardening, shopping or playing with my 8-year-old son, I just do it without thinking in the back of my mind that social media comments, likes and admin duties are piling up and need catching up with. The longer I was away from the Mac, the worse the feeling got knowing all was stacking up. These days on a weekend I chose for pleasure to update this website and blog as and when I want with nothing spoiling if I don’t fancy it, bliss! I do miss the friendships but some of you are still in touch which is great and at times I can still check out your images on Instagram so I am not totally cut off from you all.

As mentioned in a previous blog post I am off work this coming week and have big photography plants from Tuesday onwards which I am really looking forward to, with luck it will be nice to capture a few new keepers with the Fujifilm X-T2 and post them here explaining how I got the image with a little background story to go with it. The weather here is freakily warm, dry and sunny for the end of February, let’s hope the good weather stretches into the coming week, let the spring-like weather continue.

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24 February, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

Me ha encantado esta foto! Tiene un ambiente misterioso muy bien logrado, y además, veo que estás disfrutando muchísimo de tu vida!
Enhorabuena, mi amigo! Sigue así!
Un abrazo y espero tus nuevas fotos y que el tiempo se mantenga soleado y cálido!

24 February, 2019 Tim

Esperanza says – I loved this picture! It has a mysterious atmosphere very well achieved, and also, I see that you are enjoying your life very much!
Congratulations, my friend! Keep it up!
A hug and I hope your new photos and that the weather stays sunny and warm!
– – –
Hey Esperanza,

Very much one of the friends I mention in the post. How are you? What are you up to photography wise at the moment? Do you have any new kit since we last spoke?

I genuinely am enjoying the freedom of being unshackled from social media but respect all like yourself who manage to juggle life and all social media throws at you and take it all in your stride, I don’t know how you do it, respect!

I very much hope you are enjoying life and photography as much as you always did, hopefully, more so. Enjoy the weekend my friend and thank you so much for dropping by to say hello. Kindest regards ❤

24 February, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

Me alegro mucho de verte relajado y feliz. Sigo haciendo fotos, por supuesto, y no me agobio con las redes sociales: sólo si me atacan, bloqueo😂, y asunto olvidado…
No tengo ningún otro objetivo nuevo, ni creo que tenga otro por ahora…
Por cierto, si quieres, puedes volver a aceptarme en Instagram…dejé de seguirte 😀por error…Soy humana, ja ja ja!!

24 February, 2019 Esperanza Giménez

No, no tienes que hacer nada en Instagram: soy yo la que debía aceptarte de nuevo…
No me tomo muy en serio ninguna red social, y menos esa 🙂

25 February, 2019 Tim

I have you in my Instagram friends list Esperanza, I only go there as and when but will keep up with new images that you add 🙂

24 February, 2019 Chris

That’s a lovely dreamy photo for a window shot. I’m glad you’re enjoying the time to yourself and I hope that you have an enjoyable week and that the weather’s kind.

25 February, 2019 Tim

Cheers Chris, appreciated. I’m up at 4:30 in the morning to get to Runswick Bay on the east coast (above Whitby) for sunrise. I’m really looking forward to the first day of my 4-day photography adventure. I have just packed the Crystal Ball in the bag, which adds weight but could come in very useful for something different photography wise. If all else fails I can try and see this Fridays Euromillions numbers with it 😉

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