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    For those who don’t know the place and the story, this is the shipwreck of Admiral Von Tromp which lies in Saltwick Bay near Whitby, North Yorkshire. Admiral Von Tromp was a Scarborough, England based fishing trawler that ran aground on 30/09/1976. The exact circumstance of the accident remains a mystery as the boat was on completely the wrong course and a senior nautical surveyor at the inquest stated it appeared it was driven onto the rocks deliberately.

    The tragic wreck of Admiral Von Tromp which claimed 2 lives.

    The one man who may have been able to shed light on the mystery, experienced helmsman John Addison, drowned that night. His body reportedly showed no trace of alcohol, and according to Scarborough Maritime Heritage, Addison appeared completely stunned and unable to act. The other fatality was Mr George Edward Eves who has a fish hand on board the vessel.

    The crew onboard Admiral Von Tromp were:
    – Frankie Taal, 35 Princess Street, who had 23 years at sea – saved by inshore lifeboat.
    – Alan Marston, mate, 22 Longwestgate – survived.
    – Mr Anthony Nicholson, engineer, 6 Avenue Road.
    – Mr George Edward Eves, East Mount Flats, Scarborough,fish hand – who drowned
    – Mr John ‘Scotch Jack’ Addison, Spreight Lane Steps, drowned in the wheelhouse – his body was found on 25th October In Runswick Bay.

    A Silver Medal was awarded to RNLI Lifeboat Coxswain Robert Allen. He had skillfully dropped anchor and tried to drift towards the trawler. A Bronze Medal to the Helmsman of the inshore Lifeboat, Richard Robinson, for taking Frankie Taal off Black Nab. (Sources – Scarborough Evening News 11th November 1976.)

    The real reasons behind the sinking may never be known. All we’re left with is the Admiral Von Tromp’s battered and mangled wreck on the rock of Saltwick Bay, presided over by eerie Black Nab.

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