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Filters are just glass or special plastic that reduces light to the camera or in the case of a polarizing filter sun glare from the water. Filters are almost always used in conjunction with a tripod due to longer shutter speeds through reduced light that can be achieved using...

Hi Esperanza, yes I am, I used it yesterday with my Fujifilm X-T2 for the image of the heather in the Peak District. The camera does not matter as long as you have the correct size filter ring for the lens to attach it to.

Comments like this make all the website work worthwhile John, I really mean it. Thank you very much for great to see you here!

Hi Mark, I still use and love mine also, I have the same as you and have experienced the same problems as you (stuck filters if screwed in too much) but I still love the system and love how the big money players now have genuine competition. Your products...

Much appreciated Chris! Post as and when, we're all busy, I fully understand.

Great to hear, so far I've had no problems with mine either, it just works. I've not had cause to take mine to bits yet but will be careful and methodical when I do and be wary of spring shooting out for example. Glad all went well and you...

I know and lesson learned Isabelle, I will not be going on there again I promise. Thank you for the lovely comment, really appreciated!

Watch your fingers in strong sunlight, user a cloth to hold it or wear a glove, I joke not lol 😀

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I am a landscape/seascape photographer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. I make many new friends through photography, I hope to make many more here. Kindly share your images and say hello…


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