Lots of Photoshop, little photography

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Hey All,

Not going out photographing has really infused me to go out photographing, I had plans for this morning, photographing near home, but they did not happen, no worries, the sunrise was pants 😉

Instead, I have enjoyed putting in many Photoshop hours and, less enjoyable, product linking hours to make my online store look better, call this version 2.0, after not being happy with version 1.0

I will end this quick scribble with a BIG HELLO to my online photography friends, you know who you are if you are reading this 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend all and thank you for your continued visits!


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I am a landscape/seascape photographer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. I have a real passion for photographing the Yorkshire Coast and further afield as and when I have the chance.

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