Kase wolverine magnetic circular filters Review

Kase Filter Review

Around 8 months ago I switched from the SRB Photographic Elite Filter System to Kase wolverine magnetic circular filters in this review. Kase has no knowledge of me making this review and I purchased the filter system myself so the review is fair.

If you are not familiar with the Kase wolverine magnetic circular filter system, this video will give you a good idea of how the system differs from larger, bulkier and heavier filter systems on the market like Lee or Nisi.

I ordered a kit that consisted of:-

  • A leather case that looks and feels lovely and attaches to your belt loop or coat zip
  • A circular magnetic polarizing filter
  • ND 3 stop (ND8)
  • ND 6 stop (ND64)
  • 10 stop ND filter (ND1000)
  • 1x (in my case) 77mm adapter ring
  • 1x FREE magnetic lens cap

The 77mm kit above to fit my Fujifilm X-T2 lenses came in at £280.00 which is not cheap at all but here’s why I’m happy and would buy the kit again if I didn’t have it already.

What not to like about Kase wolverine magnetic circular filters? Well, if you are into grads this is not the system for you, you can buy them from Kase but who the heck wants to use fixed circular grads! Times are moving on and post-processing software is amazing these days, so much so that you can very easily ad a grad in post and mask out unwanted items in frame that you don’t want to be darkened like clock towers or mountains for example. A grad user will say get it right in camera, I say get it better in software using masks. But if you are an avid grad user kudos and stop reading now, these filters are not for you 😉

Also not to like is the price, I’m on a budget also I know £250 let’s say is a lot of money, especially when you factor in you needing more lens adapter rings of various sizes at £25 or more a pop.

The magnetic lens caps are made of lightweight metal and are good but can become detached when things move around in your camera bag

So what’s to like, well in a nutshell, have you ever wanted a really high-quality featherlight filter system that just sticks to the front of your lens without the faff of filter holders? If yes, keep reading…

The case comes with a clip for your zip or trouser loop, is made of leather I believe, looks great, ways nothing and comes with enough compartments to hold 4 circular filters with the 5th compartment for adapter rings. The case has a magnetic fastening to keep all magnetic.

The Polariser is one of the best I have used and can easily be twisted as it sticks to the filter ring, also polarization is very good, a quality filter for sure.

ND filters are quality and along with the polariser have a special coating which genuinely makes rain roll off and disappear like magic, honestly whatever they have used to coast the filters is good in the rain.

All filters are drop proof and will not break under a normal drop, YouTube creators have picked up on this and have been dropping them from silly heights onto rocks without a scratch! As clumsy as I am, I’ll be waiting until the worse happens to see if all is true :-O

The magnetism is strong, the filters will not come off the adapter ring even in strong winds, this I have tested!

Speed of use is the king point though, none of the faffs of attaching filter holders or sliding grads, just ‘click’ and you are shooting, all filters are designed to be stackable just by clicking them together, job-done!

I will have missed things in this review, you are more than welcome to ask questions in the comments below, all questions will be answered to the best of my ability as soon as I can, so however silly or otherwise you think your question may be, just ask, it could help other readers 😉

Kase wolverine magnetic circular filters

Ease of use - 92%
Filter durability - 93%
System price - 70%
Additional adapter ring price - 50%
Quality of Polariser & ND filters - 90%
Leather filter pouch quality - 90%
Weight when in carrying pouch - 95%



If like me you do not use grad filters (I use post software) and you can afford almost £300 once you have purchased adapter rings relevant to your lenses then this system is so very good and the easiest and least time-consuming quality system on the market, in my eyes anyway, after 8 months of constant use.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)
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