Introducing Luminar AI

Introducing Luminar AI – may I start by saying I am not paid for this post but if any of you should pre-order/order Luminar AI through this page, I do get a small commission for each sale.

May I also say I have been using Luminar since day one of the first release and have always loved it, otherwise, this post would never have happened on my website.

Luminar A​I​ makes complex editing easier than ever before thanks to unique AI-powered tools. Luminar A​I​ removes boring and complex tasks without sacrificing professional quality. Artificial intelligence lets the visual artist focus on results and not the process. Everyone can make amazing photos free of complexity, yet full of creativity, thanks to artificial intelligence.

“Luminar A​I​ will bring an entirely new, non-conventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process,”

“We’ve designed Luminar A​I​ from the ground up to change how people interact with their images. We’re really excited to see what Luminar ​AI​ can do for creatives everywhere.” – said D​ ima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum​.

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With traditional photo editors, creating the perfect photo is a time-consuming process that involves moving dozens of sliders. Many seek to use presets to speed this up, but there are severe limitations. Presets tend to only work on images that are virtually identical to the original.

To change this tedious and frustrating process, innovative companies race to embrace Artificial Intelligence. But some creatives have been sceptical about its effectiveness and limitations. Their fears centre around a loss of control and a homogenization of creative output. This does ​not​ need to be the case if AI is properly trained.

With Luminar A​I​, Artificial Intelligence is woven throughout the entire editing process. The AI has been trained with expert input from artists, photographers, colorists and scientists. Luminar A​I ​offers creatives the ability to save time and obtain consistent quality throughout their images. Luminar A​I ​brings the perfect balance of technology and human innovation.

Luminar AI before after demo
Luminar AI demo

“With Luminar​ AI​, we wanted to ensure that AI not only was easy to use, but that it also provided creatives a way to express themselves. Through our unique 3D depth-mapping and segmentation technologies, we’re able to recognize the contents of a photo, recommend edits and then allow creatives to refine every aspect of that recommendation,” said ​Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum​. “Doing this lets creatives retain their unique style in their edits without tedious, manual work. Professional results, but in a fraction of the time.”

With Luminar A​I​, Artificial Intelligence is applied from the moment you open a photograph for editing. The contents of a photo are identified, problems analyzed and the depth of a photo calculated. After analysis of the subject matter and issues, Luminar A​I​ make editing suggestions. These improvements come in complete workflows — through an approach called Templates — as well as suggestions in the AI tools. Instead of blindly guessing and clicking on a list of presets, the user chooses from a list tailored to their image’s needs.

With Templates, beginning editors can choose to get inspired through recommendations on how to edit their photographs. At the same time, experienced editors can choose to have more control, selectively applying AI tools as they edit their images. They can then create their own templates, and save up to 90% of their time spent editing.

Compared to traditional image editors, Luminar A​I​ offers a completely different approach. Built from the ground up to leverage artificial intelligence, Luminar A​I​ simplifies complex tasks and removes boring manual work.

Portraits take on new life​

● Use ​Body A​I​ and ​Face A​I​ to gently sculpt and refine a portrait.

● Create eyes that are rich and expressive with ​Iris A​I​.

● Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with ​Skin A​I​.

Landscape photography has never looked better.

●  Add depth and detail to skies with ​Atmosphere A​I​ and​ Sky Enhancer​.

●  Transform a photo and add an all-new sky in seconds with ​Sky A​I​.

●  Bring warmth with ​Golden Hour​ or even enhance the sun with ​Sunrays.​

Professional finishing with less hassle.

● Looking for more detail and texture? Then ​Structure A​I ​is the perfect addition.

To sum up – if you want to add high-end processing and spectacular effects to your images but do not want to spend hours doing it, the soon to be released Luminar AI may be of interest to you. 

Let AI do the work after all it is 2020!

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