I managed to Break the Shop!

Hey all, as the title says, I managed to break the shop, but only a little bit!

When viewing products and clicking the ‘Additional Information’ or ‘Review’ tab all jumps out of frame and is broken. I now need to get my hands dirty and go under the hood to fix it but all will look and work lovely again by the end of the week I promise 😉

Despite lockdown and with luck and fingers crossed, the tail end of lockdown is upon us here in the UK, that said, I am really enjoying extra time with the family and going on walks at the side of canals & rivers together, Thomas (my 10 year old) is loving time with Mum & Dad all together but would never admit it of course 🙂

Whitby Goth Festival

I don’t think there are too many people in the world that wish they have never heard the word ‘lockdown’, as much as we here as a family crave normality, how has lockdown been for You and has any good at all come from the events of the last couple of months?

I think if I could pick 3 things good it would be:

  1. People in general have become more polite, considerate and talk more freely when you distance pass them in the street or on a walk in the countryside. That must be good and I hope it lasts going forward.
  2. This dark website came into being, it’s not to everyone’s taste but a far better platform for my photography going forward for a couple of years or more. We all had/have time on our hands and look for ways of filling that time, this was one of mine.
  3. I have had time to look at my photography and know where I want to go going forward and have learned some software skills to enable the ‘More Natural Look’ to my images to happen, although every now and then I’m sure the mad scientist will rear his ugly head just because he can.
Salford Quays
Over the entire lockdown period I have not photographed, landscape photography is my thing, despite the above images, I’m not as bothered about photographing just for the sake of it, nothing lasts forever and I knew from the start things would get getter and landscape photography would be back on the menu soon and indeed for me, fantastically, it almost is.
Destination Peak District in Derbyshire for me soon and the remote site of a crashed B-29 Superfortress killing 13 of the crew instantly, the plane was named “EVER EXPOSED”, I will try and tell the story in pictures as respectfully as possible, the wreckage has suffered over the years due to it’s location and weather up there but plenty of bits left to tell the story in a post coming soon, lockdown and all permitting.
Thank you for reading and sticking with me all,
Best regards

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27 May, 2020 Tim

* The shop is now FIXED – Yey! *

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