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After the initial reluctance of my body and brain to want to get up and function and sitting on the edge of the bed for a minute or two thinking, do I really want to do this at sparrows fart on a Saturday morning? The answer was yes and eventually on went the shorts and T-shirt and off I headed into a beautiful June morning, this time to Hull Marina.

I love to see old rundown abandoned places rejuvenated and given a new kiss of live, Hull Marina has never actually been abandoned but thanks to a large injection of cash, is now a lovely place to walk, take the camera or family for a meal and drink.

As always with photography I hit my first snag on arrival, the road where I was going to park and most of the waterfront near ‘The Deep’ was closed with no access so planned long exposure images of The Deep building it’s self were out of the window as was my free parking. As it happened there was more pay and display parking 100 yards away and right next to the marina which was looking lovely in the sunshine, Oh, if anyone is interested, parking charges don’t start until 9am (I was long gone by then) and the small carpark is right on the Marina, any nearer and your car would get very wet!

A family group by Neil Hadlock

A sculpture of a family arriving from Europe to the port before continuing to Paragon railway station to go by train to Liverpool and then transferring to a ship bound for America.

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Murdoch Connection

The Long-delayed but now finished and open to the public Castle Street Bridge or Murdoch Connection (named after a local doctor I believe) reflects into Hull Marina on a beautiful June morning.

This image was my best of the trip, does the reflected bridge canopy look like a fish or is it just me? If so, quite apt for the location 🙂 This image was quite tricky but in the end, there was just enough thin cloud and just enough of the sun hiding behind the bridge canopy for me to photograph into the rising June sunshine. Happy with this one…

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NHS Heroes by Karen Winship

A few of many paintings by talented YORK artist Karen Winship in a poignant tribute to the selfless work of front-line NHS workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, on display at Hull Waterside & Marina until June 20.

Spurn Lightship

The ship was built in 1927 and served for 48 years as a navigation aid in the approaches of the Humber Estuary, where it was stationed 4 ¹⁄₂ miles east of Spurn Point.

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Spurn Lightship Watercolour

Lots of Photoshop work, a labour of love!!

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Hull Marina Watercolour

Again, another long exposure image fully recycled using Photoshop…

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Hull Marina Long Exposure

Just being at Hull Marina in the warm June sunshine and breathing the sea air was and always is enough for me.

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Now for something a little different ~ graffiti!

Partly due to the construction work going on near The Deep, I got sidetracked and I’m bloody glad I did! Graffiti is not for everyone but I love it, especially when done well and in the right place of course, I hate vandalism but there is an arguable difference between that and Graffiti done semi-legally, in my book anyway.

Street Art Hull Style

Just WOW!

This full house gable end art is stunning I’m sure you’ll agree but was bloody hard to photograph on a busy multi lane road junction going through a layout change with hundreds of cones, temporary signs, diggers etc, you get the picture…

What an amazing piece of art this is!!

Hull Street Art Gallery

Browse through these wonderful pieces of Hull street art at leisure. Click or touch each one for the larger image or view the entire gallery. All credit to the original artists.

Thank you for dropping by, as always I love to answer your questions and comments.

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