Hello Old Photography Friend

Tim Hill Photography Yorkshire

Time to give my old friend (this website) some love and TLC she deserves, you have served me well old girl, we have been through much together 🙂

Immediately some of you will notice the social media side of the website has disappeared. I put much thought into removing both the forum and Photo Wall, the fact is they were not being used and I needed my website back to do other things, especially now The Photo Wall is on Facebook and doing very nicely indeed with many very good photographers. A BIG apology to the few who did use them, you know who you are and thank you!

Onwards and upwards

Although still work in progress; I am excited to say my photography will soon be for sale as made to measure interior house wall-size vinyl stickers and murals, manufactured to very high standards by Azutura and Icon Wall Stickers, which is all good and inspires me to take more and better images from great locations to add to my portfolio soon.

Lots of photography plans for 2020, as always between family time and my day job, oh to be a full-time photographer but bills and the mortgage need paying so a regular income is needed, photography money is an added and welcome bonus but I do not photograph for the money if I did the passion would have faded a long time ago I’m sure.

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill
Chrome Hill & Parkhouse Hill, Derbyshire, England.

Short, sweet and to the point – Enjoy 2020 all 😉

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I am a landscape/seascape photographer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. I have a real passion for photographing the Yorkshire Coast and further afield as and when I have the chance. The beach is my special place...

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  1. Bravo Tim! Continua così! Il tuo sito è bellissimo, le idee che hai brillanti! Sono contenta per te. Andrà tutto molto bene perchè sei un ottimo fotografo. Le tue immagini rispecchiano la solarità della tua persona. Go go go!! Un abbraccio affettuoso

    • Do comments get better Marina, you are a lovely kind person who has my respect. Thank you very much for taking the time and have a great weekend 🙂

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