Grassington Yorkshire Dales

Grassington Yorkshire Dales

As always getting up at 3:30 am was a short sit on the edge of the bed thinking ‘do you really want to do this Tim?’ As always the answer came back as yes, stand up, go to the bathroom and take it from there. Thirty minutes later the bag and tripod were in the car, shorts, t-shirt and walking boots on and a rather large helping of suntan cream (yuck) as I knew it was going to be a scorcher, one of the hottest days of the year, we all love 30 degrees when we’re not at work đŸ™‚

The drive there was a dream, I was the only one more or less daft enough to be on the roads at that time on a Saturday morning, a dream that is until I got to the more picturesque and narrow twisty roads part of the route, the pigeons, crows, rooks, and rabbits were out in force and all determined to run or fly into the path of my car and make me nervous, I would hate the thought of killing any of them and hopefully and skilfully didn’t I believe!

I rolled into the car park at Grassington to beautiful sunshine and a pick of the parking spaces, there were a couple of camper vans and a few overnight cars belonging I am guessing to people staying in Grassington, quiet is good, I love quiet, all was good…

Grassington Yorkshire Dales Dry Stone Walls

Path to the River Wharfe

Believe it or not, this dry stone wall lined path is 20 yards from the car park, how good, a keeper within 5 minutes, one in the bag, and high expectations for more to come…

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Dry Stone Walls Yorkshire Dales

Grassington to Linton Falls

The cows are either used to photographers or I have quiet shoes (walking boots) I’m not sure I want to be known as someone with quiet shoes đŸ™‚

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Linton Falls Grassington, Yorkshire Dales Photography

Part of Linton Falls

A small part of Linton Falls between the Weir and larger falls under the wooden bridge which crosses to Burnsall in the background. The sun was still very much rising so I shot this using a longer shutter speed to add (arguably) a little more interest to the water.

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River Wharfe Grassington Photography

River Wharfe Grassington

How can you go wrong photography-wise with a crystal clear and flat calm river and golden sunlight on one of the hottest days of the year, add to all that the sound of running water, birds singing and warm sunshine on your face, bliss!

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Linton Falls Hydro, Grassington

Linton Falls Hydro, Grassington

Linton Falls Hydro is a hydroelectric generating power station located on the Linton Falls Weir of the River Wharfe, near Grassington.

The power station is located on the same site as a hydroelectric scheme that was first opened in 1909 but had closed by 1948. The new scheme, which opened in March 2012, uses the original building which is now a scheduled monument.

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Reflections on the river wharfe grassington yorkshire dales

River Wharfe Grassington

I would say, “time to reflect” but that would be far too corny so I will not đŸ˜‰ A beautiful place to be and photograph at this time of morning but I have learned, driving 50 miles one way for a few shots and getting up at 3:30 am on a Saturday morning really is not for many with a camera in their hand, to you, just do it, plan, get up and go, it really does not matter what kit you have and which camera you shoot with, on mornings like this you will come home with great images.

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River Wharfe Panoramic Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales Grassington

Talking photography a little for those interested, this is an 8 shot pano, shot in portrait. I used a small amount of polarization to see through the water but not too much to spoil the reflections which make this shot. I would normally go very low for this type of image to stretch the reflections but knew the pebbles exposed by the polarizer would make for interesting foreground so went a little higher. Both banks of the river form a leading line to the Hydro building bathed in golden sunlight.

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Are you still there? This post is getting a tad long so let’s start heading toward Grassington village back down the river bank…

Grassington River Wharfe Tim Hill

River Wharfe Yorkshire Dales

Okay, we didn’t head very far but the sun was higher and the polarizing filter was cutting through water reflections nicely.

It was lovely to see lots of small fish (fry) swimming around my feet as I was taking this image, Chub, Trout, Barbell, and even Salmon, who knows but all frequent this pristine river.

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Linton Falls Panoramic Grassington

Grassington to Burnsall Bridge

The last one of quite a few (some not shown) from the River Wharfe was this 10 image panoramic which is one of the best of the 3 hours I was at Grassington. To my eyes anyway, this image seems balanced and sums up how calm and lovely the July light was, perfectly. I am normally my own worst critic but this pano is massive and the larger you see it the more you see, if that makes any sense at all :-S

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Grassington Village Cottages Yorkshire Dales

Grassington Village

I come from a large town so to be in a small village with all the early bird residents going about their business but stopping to talk, ask questions and say hello, I found it so refreshing and nice, I had photography in mind too as they proudly told me what might look nice through the camera lens in their village.

Could you live here, I bloody could, tourists and busy roads or not! If only…

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Tom Lee blacksmith, Grassington, photography

Tom Lee

In April 1766, local blacksmith Tom Lee, who lived and worked in this building on Main Street, killed Dr. Richard Petty. Petty and Lee had been to a cockfight at nearby Kettlewell, where Petty had won a considerable sum of money. On the journey home, they stopped at several inns. Their journey continued as far as Grassington Woods and it is here that the doctor allegedly met his end. Tom Lee was the prime suspect and was initially acquitted at York Assizes due to lack of evidence. Two years later, a former servant came forward with sufficient evidence for Lee to be re-arrested. Tried again at York in July 1768, this time Lee was found guilty of the crime, and later hanged.

(2 more images of the exterior of the blacksmiths in the gallery below)

(credit to for kindly proving the story)

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Main Square Grassington

Grassington, the beautiful village in Upper Wharfedale. With its stunning scenery, history, great shops & friendly pubs.

Okay, Grassington is arguably a small market town but many call it a village and Grassington certainly has a friendly village feel.

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The map above shows where I parked at Grassington National Park Centre: BD23 5LB

Parking charges are as follows:

  • £2.70 for up to two hours.
  • £4.80 for over two hours (24 hours).

Larger images from around Grassington

I could have gone on and on with this post and ended up with around 40 keepers from the 3-hour photography session, usually, 3 to 5 would be a good crop!

Thank you for taking the time to read this far, I try!

Please remember that all images on this blog post are vastly reduced in quality to be a little more internet friendly.

Kind regards


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