Surreal Sunrise Preset Pack

Pull the slider for a before and after of 2 of the 3 presets in action. For the demo image I stacked (clicked) TH-Surreal Leadened then TH-Surreal Sunrise.


Free Lightroom Presets

Pack of 3 'Surreal Sunrise' Lightroom Presets by Tim Hill

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My presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC for both Mac and PC. The presets can be used with RAW files, .dng files, or to a lesser effect .jpg files.

See how to Install Presets in Lightroom here.

Please note

* This preset package must not be sold or redistributed.

** Presets are just a good starting point, further image processing might be needed. A preset may look good on one image but not on another.

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