Have you checked out the PHOTOWALL?


If posting to a forum is not for you and you want more of a social media Facebook experience then check out the Photo Wall

Feel free to share an image when you have time, say hello and tell us/me what's on your mind photography wise but posts do not have to be strictly photography.

Each time you post an image, send some text or send a reply (etc) you get points which are shown in the sidebar and on your profile. When you have enough points you get a profile badge, there are 5 in all at the moment to collect, just for fun of course 🤗😍

Please fill in your profile if you use the Photowall as it is different to the Forum Profile, thanks.

Enough from me, have a poke around and have a look who's already there. 👍


From the Nikon D3200 to the Nikon D7100 to currently the Fujifilm X-T2, loved them all...
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