Focus Stacking, Stock Photos & Paper Images

Focus Stacking, Stock Photos & Paper Images

Focus stacking is something I had not thought about since starting photography in 2013. I have never felt the need or remembered to shack images while out shooting.  That was until photographing at Spurn Point last weekend.

I was photographing old wooden sea defences in the immediate foreground and a lighthouse in the background. Even at f/16 something would have to give and would not have been sharp, then I remembered focus stacking. I took a two-shot stack, one with the foreground sharp and one with the lighthouse nice and sharp in the background. On getting home I aligned and stacked the 2 images in Photoshop and was very happy with the results. Focus stacking has been my eureka moment for 2017, I cannot wait to get out and do more!

Changing the subject, as you do …

The below image was taken earlier this year using my Nikon D7100 & Tokina 11-16 lens. The raw file had very basic processing in Lightroom before being passed to Luminar 2018 for black and white (with a touch of sepia) processing. I then added the old stained paper effect using a new layer and paper texture, still within Luminar. The opacity was then turned down on the paper layer and blended to match the image. It all sounds hard but it really is not.

fortunes kippers whitby

To end this jumbled blog post …

To whom this concerns,  many of my images are free to download and use under CC0 on Pixabay, I must point out that NOT ALL my images a free to reproduce and do as you like with. Some of my images are © and stock images on places like Adobe Stock. Please only copy, reproduce, download images that I add to Pixabay, that way no one infringes copyright.

Thank you and kind regards


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