Ferrybridge Power Station

Ferrybridge Power Station

Ferrybridge Power Station is hardly the most glamorous subject to photograph but the footbridge I took this image from is superbly located for some cool light trails.

Talking about cool, I set up and framed my shot, then took around 12 shots as sunset turned to night. By the time I had taken the last shot I was bloody freezing from standing in a cold wind for almost an hour. On the way home in the car a had hot aches in my hands as my body started to warm again, which is never good!

I hope you like the image, I think the cold was worthwhile…

The landmark Ferrybridge C coal-fired power station in West Yorkshire officially closed after 50 years in service in May 2015. Replaced by a modern incinerator that burns treated and pelletised domestic waste. The cooling towers and chimneys of the old power stations are to be blown up and removed from the landscape some time within the next 2 years.

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