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SRB Photographic have created a very well engineered filter holder at a great price, that will last you years and just works ...

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After falling while out photographing and snapping my previous plastic filter holder (I’m very clumsy), one of the main features of the new replacement filter holder had to be build quality and durability as well as price.

A large amount of my photography is Landscape/Seascapes so the new filter holder had to be able to accommodate more than one filter at a time and a polarising filter, which put me in Lee and Nisi territory and the cost of the system and filters rocket!

I flicked through a few filter system reviews online and clicked on a few websites that I trust and have used to buy photography equipment before. The first thing that caught my eye when I clicked on SRB Photographic’s website was, NEW IN – The Elite Square Filter System. I was interested and after watching a YouTube video of the new holder and reading all the information on their website, I took the plunge and parted with my hard earned cash, here’s why …

The main deal clincher was the almost entirely aluminium design, with only the filter blades made of plastic, which can be screwed on or off, so easily replaced by new blades also sold by SRB Photographic for under £5. As part of the Elite Filter System you can also buy separately a polarising filter and a 10 and 6 stop ND filter which screw into the centre of the filter housing allowing you then to slide in up to two reasonably priced P Size (85mm) square filters on top, which can be purchased separately or as a kit of three which come as full ND, grads or soft grads which is pretty much all I will ever need for my type of photography.

Another great feature of the Elite System is the rotating mechanism at either end of the holder. Once the Elite Polariser has been screwed into the holder, use the rotating mechanism to rotate the polariser clockwise or counter-clockwise to get a different amount of polarisation, as shown in the video below.

Elite Filter Holder SRB Photographic

My only slight niggle with the holder, and it is a very small one, is sometimes the round screw in filters or polariser can be a little tricky to unscrew at times using your finger. This only happens if you have screwed the filter all the way in and tight. That said I have always been able to get the filter out using one finger or a thumb with a little effort.

To sum up, the Elite Filter Holder is made so well, I would say in normal use it is almost indestructible, which is always good for someone as clumsy as myself. The holder is very well engineered, has rotating wheels at either side to spin the polarising filter and has very well priced filters, both round and P Size, for anyone like myself who would struggle to afford the premium Lee Filter System.

Very well done SRB Photographic, a firm 5 stars from me and a happy customer.

Click the filter image to see the full Elite range.

(This review is not sponsored – I have bought all the above-mentioned gear myself – SRB Photographic have not paid me a penny and don’t provide me with equipment for review purposes)

What people talk 38 Comments

1 December, 2017 Ashley Chambers

I’m considering buying the elite holder with polariser just wondered if the polariser was any good for such a low price. Regards, Ashley

1 December, 2017 Tim Hill

Hi Ashley – Having used the Elite polariser for around 6 to 8 months in all conditions, I can assure you it’s fine, I very much like it. Like you I was a little doubtful at first due to the low price but in this case, polarization is good, the filter stops around 2 stops of light like other polarising filters and there is no noticeable colour cast at all. Build quality is rugged surrounding the glass also. Well worth £29 honestly. I am in no way sponsored by SRB, if it was rubbish I would say but it’s good. Kind regards, Tim.

17 December, 2017 David Nichol

I have just ordered the elite filter holder along with the .Polariser, 10 stop filter and square 0.9 grad. Fingers crossed.

18 December, 2017 Tim Hill

Enjoy David, I’m sure you’ll like them, a great buy for the money I think.

9 February, 2018 Andrew J Collier

Have been thinking of buying this holder for a few months now, but was umming and ahhhing.

Thank you for what appears to be an impartial and honest review. No ‘sexing it up’ comments, no in depth techno babble just a well written straightforward review.

Off to buy one now

9 February, 2018 Tim Hill

Glad my review helped Andrew. I was out with my holder a couple of weeks ago at Ladybower Reservoir & Brimham Rocks. I’m very happy with mine and have just had delivery of an 85mm 1.2 (4 stop) ND Grad for the holder. I hope you enjoy yours.

8 April, 2018 Steve Smith

Hi Tim, great review, just what I was looking for. I have one question if you can help. Because the polariser screws in, and it looks like you can also screw in a 10-stop ND filter, I was wondering what would happen if you wanted both a polariser and a 10-stop filter in the holder at the same time? Can this be done? Or is it a case of only having one or the other in at one time?

8 April, 2018 Tim Hill

Hi Steve, I have just returned from a weekend at the coast using my filter system, a lovely morning on the beach. To answer your question, it is a case of using one at a time. I know exactly what you mean, there are occasions where I would like to use both the Polariser and 6 or 10 stop filters together but you cannot. For the money, though this is something I can live with. Kind regards.

8 May, 2018 Chris

I have an elite system and think its great.
There are a couple of ways you can get around using both a polariser and a ND filter – either user square ND’s infront of the polariser (be careful with light leaks though) or use a screw in filter directly on your lens before you attach the Elite system.

8 May, 2018 Tim Hill

Thanks for the advice Chris, very glad you like the filter system 😉
I was thinking of getting a square 10 stop, thanks for the heads up about light leaks, I thought it came with a gasket, but I suppose it depends how the gasket seals. I think I’ll get one anyway and try it, thanks.

19 September, 2018 Luke Watson

Hi Tim, great impartal review, i think i’ll order in the morning. Am i right in thinking that i can use the slide in square 10 stopper with the polariser thus saving the need to buy the round one. Also if using the square 10 stopper without the polariser i believe they sell a screw in ‘shield’ to plug the gap and block any light. Am i right in my thinking?

19 September, 2018 Tim Hill

Hi Luke, you are very welcome and I am glad the review has helped you come to a decision. I still very much use this filter system and I am not looking for another one.

To answer your questions, yes, you are correct on both counts, you can use a square glass 10 stop but (as you rightly say) it’s a good idea to use the round screw in ‘shield’ with it to prevent unwanted light leaking in, also, do not forget to cover the viewfinder of the camera unless you are using mirrorless.

I hope you like the system but I’m sure you will!

Kind regards

8 April, 2018 Steve Smith

Sorry Tim, one more thought just came to mind. With a 10 stop screwed into the holder, how then would you line up a graduated filter? As I assume you then can’t see anything?

8 April, 2018 Tim Hill

Ask as many questions as you like Steve, not a problem. Again, this is another drawback with the filter system, you have to guess where to place the grad when the 10 stop is screwed in. You have found both the small problems with the system, everything else just works and works well. You have to way up if you can live with or get around these drawbacks in order to save a lot of money or go for something like a Lee system that will cost a hell of a lot more, especially the filters as I’m sure you know. The choice is yours 🙂

14 April, 2018 Steve Smith

Thanks for the reply. Not necessarily a drawback for me, it’s just something that popped into my head as I’m only just getting into using filters etc. I certainly couldn’t justify spending on the Lee setup.

14 April, 2018 Tim Hill

You have pinpointed both and dare I say only drawbacks there, I may add these to the original post, so great thoughts Steve! Good light and great photography my friend. Let me know which filter system you end up buying, just out of interest if you have time 😉

19 May, 2018 Angelos Oikonomopoulos

Does elite holder kit fits cokin p filters?cause i have them from a previous kit and i dont wanna replace them

19 May, 2018 Tim Hill

Hi Angelos, a good question, I fully understand you not wanting the expense of replacing your current Cokin P filters. I have Googled this and have not seen that they do, so I would say no. Please check back here though, at a later date, I will contact SRB Photography and ask the question. Kind regards…

19 May, 2018 Tim Hill

I have asked the question to SRB Photographic and am awaiting their reply Angelos.

21 May, 2018 Tim Hill

Reply from SRB Photographic –

The Elite holder is designed to take our P size filter that measure 2.3mm thick, some Cokin filters are slightly thinner and fall through but we have not found this with all. We have a few customers with thinner Cokin filters, they have solved this problem by adding masking tape to the edge of the filters to make them slightly thicker.

28 January, 2019 Phil Marsh

Hi, I just mentioned I was searching for a filter system on a facebook group and someone mentioned SRBs as being good on a budget – a quick google and I ended up here! Very informative; I think these will fit the bill nicely. Only other recommendation I had was Nisi – and their cost is rather eye watering as you know! Thanks for this concise but very useful review.

29 January, 2019 Tim

Hi Phil – I know exactly what you mean regarding the cost of Nisi filters, they are way out of my budget! I still use the filter system above, it has now stood the test of time and just works, for a fraction of the cost. I am glad the review helped, thank you for the feedback, you are very welcome 😉

9 August, 2019 Mark Slack

Love the review of the SRB filter system and after studying the internet and YouTube to find a replacement for the Cokin P system I use now I purchased the SRB Elite system with the circular polariser and the glass grads and NDs and also the light shield. Fantastic for the price as a Nisi V6 holder and polariser costs nearly £200 on Amazon and I got the whole Elite system for just a few pounds more. The polariser is a little tight to remove if tightened too much but I sprayed some WD40 around polarising ring on holder then gave it a good clean and it removes without any problem now

9 August, 2019 Tim

Hi Mark, I still use and love mine also, I have the same as you and have experienced the same problems as you (stuck filters if screwed in too much) but I still love the system and love how the big money players now have genuine competition. Your products can be manufactured as good as you like Lee but they still scratch and smash when you dop them, who the hell can afford this if they are as clumsy as me!

Thank you very much and enjoy Mark.

Think of buying a circular 10 stop ND (for example) if you wish to stack with a polarizer, others have the jump on this one at the moment.

31 August, 2019 Esperanza

With your new mirrorless camera, are you still using the same filters with an adapter?

1 September, 2019 Tim

Hi Esperanza, yes I am, I used it yesterday with my Fujifilm X-T2 for the image of the heather in the Peak District. The camera does not matter as long as you have the correct size filter ring for the lens to attach it to.

1 September, 2019 Esperanza

Oh, I understand! Do you use them in front of the target, without setting? Are filters expensive?

1 September, 2019 Tim

Filters are just glass or special plastic that reduces light to the camera or in the case of a polarizing filter sun glare from the water. Filters are almost always used in conjunction with a tripod due to longer shutter speeds through reduced light that can be achieved using filters. Filter systems can be quite expensive but round screw-on filters that screw to the lens are relatively inexpensive and is how I first started using filters.

1 September, 2019 Esperanza

I have two of those thread filters, but they never gave me good results …

11 April, 2020 elfn

Does the system generate any vignetting on 77mm adaptor with a 16mm lens on an APSC camera?

11 April, 2020 Tim

Hi ELFN, maybe so when using the 77mm adapter and 16mm lens. The website says; The holder will work down to a focal length of 22mm until vignetting appears, although working focal lengths may vary depending on the optical design of the lens.

I use the system often when using my Fujifilm X-T2 18-55mm kit lens at 18mm and Samyang 12mm with no vignetting but they have smaller adapter rings – 58 & 67mm. I hope this helps.

28 October, 2020 Adrian

Hello Tim
Having initially started off with the Cokin plastic holders and Kood grad filters in my DSLR days, I eventually moved to the larger 100mm filters (Kood again and Cokin Z).

Having recently changed from a DSLR and into micro four thirds, I find my older 85mm filters much more convenient and portable. The previous stumbling block over this system was the cheap plastic holder (would you really trust an expensive glass filter in one, no).

The Elite filter seems to tick most boxes, but one issue I cannot seem to confirm is vignetting; my widest lens is a Leica 8-18 which in full frame would be 16-36 (67mm filter thread).

You specify that you don’t encounter any @12mm on the Samayang on an APS-C sensor, so judging by this I presume I should be okay?

Are the adaptor rings any different to those for the Cokin system (again save a few quid if so)?

The only alternative I can see would be the Formatt Hitech Firecrest holder, which costs £119 with various rings and the CPL.

Kind regards

29 October, 2020 Tim

Hi Adrian

All good questions, some of which I have no experience of so cannot give a 100% answer, I do apologise. The official line from SRB Photographic regarding lens compatibility is as follows…

“The Elite Holder is designed to fit standard lenses, although may still be compatible with some wide-angle lenses depending on lens diameter. The holder will work down to a focal length of 22mm until vignetting appears, although working focal lengths may vary depending on the optical design of the lens. If using an Elite filter, a higher focal length may be required depending on the optical design of the lens.” – SRB Photographic

I would imagine the adapter rings for the Elite system are different from those of the Cokin system but that’s just a guess having never tried to fit the holder to a Cokin adapter ring.

Lastly, the Elite Filter System takes 84mm (P size) filters just to clarify.

Again I apologise for not fully answering your questions but the system works just fine me using my (APS-C) Fujifilm X-T2 and Samyang 12mm f/2 manual lens with no noticeable vignetting.

Maybe others reading this could better answer Adrian’s question?

Kind regards

2 November, 2020 Adrian Bott

Hello Tim
Thanks for your prompt reply.

12mm on an APS-C sensor is roughly the same as 8mm on M4/3, so in theory should be okay.

In my DSLR days I used the plastic wide angle holder with no issues on a Sigma 10-20, 77mm thread.

The bullet has now been bitten, Elite starter kit ordered with a couple of adaptor rings; if it does vignette @8mm then at least I can make use of the 30 day returns policy.

Good or bad, I shall update accordingly.

Kind regards

4 November, 2020 Tim

I hope all goes well Adrian, Thank you.

30 November, 2020 Adrian Mark Bott

Hello Tim
Apologies for the very late reply.

I’ve now taken ownership of the Elite filter together with the CPL, and later added the square 6 stop ND filter.

Mounted on the Leica 8-18 and aligned level, no vignetting occurs, great news. My existing Kood 84mm filters also fit without any issues, another added bonus.

Initial tests on the 8-18 showed no vignetting, but in practical use I did encounter a couple of examples where vignetting had creeped in; this will have been due to user error where the holder will have not been level (essential on this lens).

In use the holder has been a pleasure to use, especially the ease in which it can be moved from landscape / portrait orientation (which I tend to do very often).

One negative will be that I have found the CPL to be a bit awkward to insert into the holder; again this could be down to user error, and time will tell.

I have yet to test the 6 stop filter, but have no doubts as to its qualities, having owned an SRB 10 stop screw-in filter for a number of years.

My main purpose into buying into the Elite filter system was to downsize back to my 84mm filters, using a robust and easy to use system. So far the Elite holder has ticked all boxes.

Care has to be taken when using the 8-18mm lens, and the CPL is a bit awkward to insert; for me I use neither very often, so not much of an issue (if issue if the right word).

Before buying into this system, the only other viable option I found was the Formatt Hitech Firecrest holder, with the CPL and various rings, which retails for £119.

Cokin adaptor rings I can confirm are not compatible with the Elite filter holder.

Kind regards

18 June, 2021 Nicola Bos

I’ve got a Panasonic Lumix LX100 with a 43mm screw-on UV filter. I’m wondering about using a medium-strength ND filter – what would I need to buy to be able to use this item that you’ve kindly reviewed here please to make it fit and work? Thanks so much! Nicola

20 June, 2021 Tim

Hi Nicola

You would need this 43mm adapter ring to fit the system to the front of your camera ~ https://www.srb-photographic.co.uk/43mm-elite-adaptor-ring-13318-p.asp ~ you would also need the actual holder and filters which can be bought separately or you can save money buying as a bundle like the one here ~ https://www.srb-photographic.co.uk/elite-bundle-kit-11224-p.asp ~ the kit includes a 6 stop ND and 10 stop ND filter. Take a look at the full range here ~ https://www.srb-photographic.co.uk/elite-bundle-kit-11224-p.asp ~ and don’t forget you can use square filters that slot in the front ~ https://www.srb-photographic.co.uk/square-filter-sets-1225-c.asp

It all sounds very complicated but really it’s very simple and just works, I was using mine yesterday and still like the system after a few years of use.

Last but not least Nicola, whenever you use an ND filter you are keeping the camera shutter open longer so a good sturdy tripod is definitely needed, any small vibration or shake on the camera, even lightly touching the camera while it exposes will result in a blurred image so a tripod is a must.

I hope that helps? Any further questions, just ask.

Kind regards

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