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So, what have I been up to of late?

The short answer is shielding (Covid) for the last 10 or 11 weeks! All being well I am due out of shelinging and can return to work & photography within a week or so. To keep me sane all my photography efforts have been online, here is one of the things I am proud to be involved in…

I know you have all heard of ClickASnap and it’s owner and CEO Tom Oswald. ClickASnap has a great community and Tom is very hands on both in the forum and replying to user email, which is so refreshing this day and age.

While corresponding with ClickASnap/Tom one thing lead to another and Tom suggested it may be worth adding myself to the Photographer Marketplace, so I did.

For those who are reading this post in English, check out what the photographer Marketplace is about by clicking > HERE < for those of you who do not speak English but have my website in another language, here is what I offer there…

I live and breath photography and love to help others learn and become better photographers, it’s true there is no substitute for getting out there with the camera and taking many thousands of good and bad shots, we have all done it and there’s not one photographer out there who is not still learning. Good bits of compositional and post-processing advice can help speed you along your journey to become the photographer you always wanted to be and with dedication, one day will be.
For £12 I will give roughly 1 hour of my time and review up to 3 of your images and offer constructive advice on how I would have taken or processed the image myself. All responses will be in writing as due to a problem with my voice, I would find phone or video calls difficult. Lastly, I would love to give advice for free but we all have busy lives, families and a living to earn. I look forward to tutoring you, thank you. – Tim Hill
 I don’t claim to be a good photographer but I would not have agreed to be added to the ClickAsnaps Photographer Marketplace if I didn’t think I could really help those new to photography take good images faster than they otherwise would. I wish I had my advice when I first started out!! 🙂 
At the end of the day, there is no substitute for getting out there and taking thousands of images, most bad, some good, this is the best way to learn but there are basic composition techniques and targeted (after seeing samples of your images) advice that will speed things along which I now offer, I know I can help and very much look forward to talking with you and helping your photography journey along the way.
Back Photographing in 2 weeks time, bliss!!

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