Buying a new camera – a hard choice!

Buying a new camera – a hard choice!

I remember a few years back when buying a new camera was an easier choice, it mostly depended on what brand glass and mount you had as to which new DSLR body you purchased. Then along camera mirrorless and those days were gone, choosing a new camera or system became a lot trickier!

Since taking up landscape photography back in 2013, I have owned just 2 camera bodies, my first one was a Nikon D3200 which I sold to make way for the DSLR body I currently use, a Nikon D7100. I have a mixture of ‘F mount” lenses of various brands and prices. The automatic choice then would be another Nikon body but it’s not that easy by any means.

I had high hopes for staying with Nikon but switching to mirrorless with the Nikon Z system cameras, but after seeing the eye watering prices, one card slot, I could go on but will not, I decided the Z camera were not for me. So what about another DSLR body? D850, nice but large and too expenvive for me, I shoot a lot of HDR and the file sizes are too large – D810, another nice camera but with large files sizes, a little long in the tooth and no flip screen which I know I would make good use of, also it’s bulky. D500, great for sports and birds but not ideal for landscape use. So where does that leave me when I do not fancy any of Canons latest (or lack of) offerings and I’m not willing to go down the Sony route, as good as the cameras are. Enter Fuji…


My plan is to keep the Nikon D7100 plus glass and buy a FujiFilm Mirrorless Camera and Kit Lens and start a new collection of glass from there as and when funds permit. So what caught my eye and made me decide Fuji was for me?

  • Price and regular feature updates through firmware
  • Practicality, it’s small, lightweight and compact
  • Control dials at the top
  • Excellent Japanese glass including the 18-55mm f2.8-4 kit lens
  • Focus bracketing settings (focus stacking)
  • The Ability to do 1080p video @ 120p plus 4K recording

So will I be choosing the FujiFilm X-T2 or new X-T3? The jury is still out but for me I cannot see anything I cannot do or would miss by buying the X-T2 insead of the X-T3, which would then leave me a little money for new glass.

I will keep you posted in comments 😉

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