Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories Review

Amazonbasics bag

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

Value for money


For the money, this bag is hard to beat. Stylish, practical, shower resistant, maybe a little fragile if overloaded.

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This Amazon Basics backpack was the first dedicated camera backpack I bought when I first took up DSLR photography back in 2013, so the bag has been thoroughly and literally tested to destruction by me out in the field.

For £28 ($28) you get a very well designed, sturdy and practical camera bag, perfect for those just starting out in photography. The tripod straps aren’t particularly robust and the bag is not as sturdy as top money professional bags, but it does the job, a very good job. What more can you ask for £28! Ok in an ideal world I would ask for Amazon Basics not to be printed in orange writing on each of the rubber zip toggles but again for £28, who could complain about a small thing like that.

amazonbasics backpack

As in the video above (not my video), my bag contained a small Nikon D3100 and around 3 lenses. To be fair to Amazon and the bag, at times I had a tripod strapped to it and may have carried a little more stuff than the bag was originally designed for. Ultimately after a year of use, one of the straps started coming away from the bag which was a real shame. The strap that came away was the strap that I used to sling the bag over one shoulder which on reflection may not have been a good idea. I am sure the bag’s life could have been prolonged if I had used both straps all the time instead of just one most of the time.

If I was just starting out in photography or didn’t have as much kit as I do these days, would I buy the same bag again? Oh hell yes, I loved my Amazon basics bag and was gutted when it finally gave up the ghost and broke. For £28 it’s a genuine bargain and should be snapped up!!

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories – Black

I hope this short review helps, any question, please ask in comments below …

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