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Photographs and a video taken in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

In my last blog post, I waffled on about looking forward to and arriving at Scarborough, North Yorkshire for a family weekend away and some AM & PM me time with the camera while the family were in bed.

The weekend came and went all too fast but the video footage and photographs remain. That’s one of the great things about photography. Be wise when it comes to backing up your images and footage and it will last a lifetime… Which reminds me, I need to do a detailed blog post on just that subject, backing up images to reduce/eliminate the risk of losing precious moments. That will keep me out of trouble one day!

Here is a small selection of images and a video I took over the weekend at Scarborough.

Any questions please ask in comments below, I love answering them and love the interaction. Thank you …

Scarborough Photography Tim Hill Blue Hour Scarborough Photography Tim Hill Scarborough Photography Tim Hill Scarborough Photography Tim HillEarly!

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