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Push notifications have been added to the website

Push Notifications

This year I plan to add more content, reviews and tutorials as well as images and general photography chat to the website than ever. I am starting to notice a few of you are regular visitors who may want to be notified of new posts via push notifications. The way I have my notifications set up is unintrusive and can be switch off at any time just by clicking the red bell, bottom left of the screen.

So what are push notifications? A good question…

A push notification is a brief, attention-getting message sent directly to a user’s screen, whether that screen is on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or wearable device, notifying you of a new post in the case of this website.

To put things simply, you will not be asked for any details and push notifications do not involve email. Click the red bell and try them out, you will be sent a thank you notification so you can see what they look like. If you no longer wish to receive push notifications, click the red bell again and you will no longer receive them, simple!

Push Notification

Any questions please ask below – kind regards

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  1. Hello my friend. I’ve pushed the button and will follow your great works!
    Kind regards
    Heinfried Küthe

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