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New Lightroom Presets and a little time Away

Lightroom Presets by Tim Hill

Hi All, I hope some of you have already downloaded and are using my small new free lightroom preset pack TH – Summer. As the name suggests, these presets have been instpired by the British summer we are experiencing at the moment, which famously consists of rain, sun, rain, sun and most other types of weather, sometimes in one day! ūüôā The new pack consists of TH – Pink Summer Roses, TH – Summer Butterfly Dark Background & TH – Summer Flowers and Insects. I hope you find these presets useful.

I am currently spending time away from social media and the computer in order to spend some quality summertime with the family and soon we’ll be off on a family holiday which we are all looking forward to. Enjoy the weather all, I look forward to catching up on social media in a few weeks time.

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