Leading Lines a fundamental part of photography

Ferrybridge Power Station Tim Hill

Along with the rule of thirds, leading lines is one of those common sense rules in photography that, once understood and used, can transform your images overnight, from dull to interesting.

Leading lines come in many forms from picture to picture but all are designed to take the eye of the viewer through the image and keep the viewer looking longer, so adding interest. You can use leading lines to draw a viewer’s attention to a specific part of the image or all the way through from foreground to background.

Leading Lines
The shadow of the tall tree behind me makes a perfect leading line taking the eye through the shot.

Leading Lines are a device to make your compositions more interesting by taking your viewer on a journey through an image. You begin in one place and lead them onto a point of interest.

Leading Lines Tutorial Tim Hill
A leading line paves an easy path for the eye to follow through different elements of a photo.

Leading lines also look very pleasing to the eye when the visual lines are in an ‘S” shape shown below.

Ferrybridge Power Station Tim Hill
A classic “S” shape leading line.

Now over to the man that taught me about leading lines, a great bloke and superb teacher, Mr Mike Browne.

Any question about leading lines, please ask in comments below, I love to help, we all have to learn and we are all still learning, you never stop!

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