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The last time I will bore you with a store post for now I promise!

If you are looking for a free high resolution (stock quality) image each month to print, frame, use on social media or your blog, then please read on…

Each month I will add a free digital product (full resolution image) of stock quality.

At the end of each month, the download disappears permanently and is replaced.

>> GET   F E B R U A R Y   NOW <<

Each month you will find a new free image by clicking the ‘My Prints’ tab on the menu to drive more traffic there (I am very honest!), free is free though and I will only post usable good quality images.

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I am a landscape/seascape photographer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. All comments appreciated and answered.

5 thoughts on “Free Stock Quality Image Each Month”

  1. Hola, Tim!
    Buena idea !

    Por cierto, ¿podrías explicar en tu blog cómo hacer macros, no en un estudio, sino en la calle?
    Tengo un nuevo objetivo macro y me es imposible hacer una foto que sea buena…😀

    • Hey Esperanza!

      I did have a macro lens but sold it through lack of use, to be honest. For an image like the one above I use a long lens that extends to 300mm and zoom in from around 8 to 6 feet away from the subject. A long lens compresses perspective and can give nice bokeh.

      Pleased to hear you have a new macro lens, brilliant. You obviously have to be very close to the subject and do not go too low on the depth of field (f number) or almost all will be blurred, try f/11 to start with and alter accordingly once you have seen the sample image on the back of the camera. This is honestly all I know about macro photography, I have done very little!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for dropping by ❤

      • Hola, Tim!
        Gracias por la información!
        Cuando sea primavera intentaré hacer algún macro de flores, pero ya me he dado cuenta de que la fotografía macro no es nada fácil… Quién sabe si no acabaré vendiendo también el objetivo, como hiciste tú…En fin, seguiré intentándolo por un tiempo!
        Saludos, mi amigo!

        • You are 100% correct Esperanza, macro photography is not easy but what a reward when you get it right! Flowers and insects are always a winner, make sure you have a very low ISO for the best colour and detail and a fast enough shutter speed to freeze insects in motion and flowers blowing in the wind. Please send me a link to some of your best results as and when they are taken. You are a good photographer and will adapt to the lens and type of photography no problem I am sure, look at it as a challenge, you will learn more when the photography is hard instead of easy.

          Finally, a word of warning, macro lenses can make you dizzy and even feel travel sick, they are much magnified, don’t do too much at once, have a break 🙂

          Best regards

          • Seguiré tus consejos, pero los insectos desde muy cerca no son nada fáciles de enfocar😵! Y el movimiento del viento es otro problema!
            Lo intentaré y si consigo algo medianamente aceptable (en primavera), te mandaré el enlace o lo publicaré en Instagram…
            Besos y buen finde!

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