Surreal Sunrise Preset Pack

Pull the slider for a before and after of 2 of the 3 presets in action. For the demo image I stacked (clicked) TH-Surreal Leadened then TH-Surreal Sunrise.


Free Lightroom Presets

Pack of 3 'Surreal Sunrise' Lightroom Presets by Tim Hill


My presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC for both Mac and PC. The presets can be used with RAW files, .dng files, or to a lesser effect .jpg files.

See how to Install Presets in Lightroom here.

Please note

* This preset package must not be sold or redistributed.

** Presets are just a good starting point, further image processing might be needed. A preset may look good on one image but not on another.