Photoshop Manipulation – Car Wreck

Car Wreck

Photoshop manipulation is never easy but wow, that took hours! Having finished, I am so proud of myself. The large full resolution version of Car Wreck looks cool, one to keep and frame.

I am sure somebody more used to photoshop manipulations could do the above image in half the time, I was in no rush and paid attention to detail, I wanted to get this one right and I am pleased to say came bloody close, eventually!

All credit to Andhika Zanuar for the great tutorial below.

Stock images used…

Model (by CathleenTarawhiti)
Broken Car 1 (by Ana-ene-eme)
Broken Car 2 (by Panopticon-stock)
Broken Car 3 (by Bluefairy-stock)
Rock (by Wintersmagicstock)
Landscape (by Malleni-stock)

Some of you must have questions? Comments appreciated and always answered…

Kind regards…

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